Although the plot is still complicated and confusing, the news released by Dream League Soccer 19 has already maddened countless players. Whether a three-minute trailer or a live demonstration on E3 serves as a strong evidence of its quality, but considering the number of major works this year, there is still a question of whether Dream League Soccer 19 will stand out. In response, Bethesda confidently declared at the launch that the experience of the new work would be “amazing”, but for the audience, their curiosity was always accompanied by strong uneasiness.

Here, we will talk about the highlights and worries of this year’s masterpiece.

We might as well start with the good side, from the trailer, “Dream League Soccer 19” the most attractive place is innovation. From the first look of the trailer, we can see something different from DC and New Vegas, which is bright and decadent: it is reflected not only in the buildings, but also in the colorful pictures and grand environment. It is true that its streets are devastated and the wild is roaming with mutants, but it is no longer a collection of landmarks and a wilderness in Dream League Soccer 18. We also know that if we want to shape this desolate, hard and slightly mysterious environment successfully, it will certainly be a test for developers. Players may feel more difficult to control the system without the help of Dream League Soccer 2019 Cheats.

As a prerequisite for passing this test, the manufacturer must satisfy the players’ pursuit of the “soccer world”. People who like to play the game of waste earth tend to be greedy for perfection because they are not concerned with a plot or a leading character, but try to experience the world in their own hands. According to the available information, Dream League Soccer 19 has basically achieved this goal, which can be seen from the endless ruins and endless wilderness of the trailer. In addition, referring to the contrast distance between the real buildings and the pictures, the area must be more than 75 square kilometers – which means that the depth and breadth of the map, even if not comparable with FIFA and other works, but also provides the conditions for creating a spectacular world.

Not only that, Dream League Soccer 19 is also unique in its style. Real-time demonstrations and promotional films show that the main tone of the game has turned dusk, not only showing the glory after the soccer war, but also burying three recognized connotations – deep, melancholy and firm. On this basis, artists also use blue, gray, dark red and other contrasting bright tones – they are not only tensive, but also very rare in the works of waste soil style.