Archero – a quicker-paced action game with hero mode

Since the birth of Archero game, its novel leisure playing method has been immediately loved by a large number of players. Over the past few weeks, the developer has further optimize the game of self-play players, so that it is more in line with the characteristics of the original IP and hardware platform.

As a new model called hero mode has been out for days, this mode is also free to play without restrictions of rank, combat power and hero pool. At present, there is no paid content affecting the game’s numerical balance. The image of all the weapon pieces in the game is drawn from the traditional model. Old players can remember the affix effect of each hero very quickly. New players can also do it quickly after they are familiar with new hero mode.


The difference between the new hero mode and the traditional mode in archero is mainly reflected in the blood volume and the strength of the hero pieces. It will play a player’s physical value of 50 points, as long as the mid-term formation of your heroes, the HP can quickly reduce the weaker side to zero. The players with the same strength of the hero lineup may lose a lot of physical strength due to luck, lineup matching, chess arrangement and other problems in each round. Because the default use of the 4X3 cross-row arena interface, so it does not need to spend more energy, gathered in the arrangement of melee and long-range chess pieces, the strength of the operation of the lineup directly determines the direction of victory or defeat. However, getting energy is super easy if you make use of archero hack. Anyway, this is another option for new players to beat the game.

In the mobile version, the archero hero mode also absorbs the essence of many excellent self driving action games on the market. When moving your hero, it can be replaced with any units on the field. When the same number of pieces is purchased to three, the system automatically synthesizes them into higher stars. The hero in the new mode appear in the lattice under the chessboard in the image of 2D, which is easy to be recognized by the players, and is also conducive to touch operation.

Up to now, some of the most popular action game players on the market, they play a game usually takes about 30-40 minutes, it is difficult for light players to complete a game in debris time. The archero game’s overall mechanism has been accelerated and the details of the mobile operation have been streamlined to a certain extent. It takes only about 15 minutes to play a game.

Although Archero game has dramatically increased the rhythm of the game of self-promoted, the proportion of players’luck in each game has also become higher. For some heroes with weaker early attributes and skills, it is likely that players will enter the cold palace, such as mages and archers, such as the pure late-stage force of the lineup, it is also likely to be cold-shouldered. Nevertheless, the game of quicker-paced style is more entertaining as a whole. Short-term games relying on luck will also bring more fun to players.