SimCity BuildIt Game Play Reviews – Will you Try it in 2019

Unlike other city building simulation games, which cover all aspects of urban construction games, SimCity BuildIt provides players with a more detailed taste of simulated business games – players do not need to worry about urban construction, all the cities in the game are randomly generated and self-developed. We just need to choose a starting city for our corporate headquarters, which is the first step on the road of entrepreneurship.

If you also want to experience the taste of being a big capitalist, the game will undoubtedly lift your appetite in the first place. However, unfortunately, as the novelty gradually dissipates, the design defects of the SimCity BuildIt will seriously affect the subsequent game experience of the players.

The background of SimCity BuildIt is set in the early 20th century. Players can imitate the legends of Rockefeller and Ford and build and manage their own business empire. In addition to the most basic laying of transport routes and plant production planning, players also need to carefully consider deeper strategies, such as adjusting production plans according to market supply and demand relations. These plans and decisions will ultimately affect whether you can become a real business tycoon.


In SimCity BuildIt game, there is a considerable degree of freedom in the direction of enterprise development. Players can set the direction of enterprise development as industrialization at the beginning. Of course, if you want to produce higher-end goods, you need to invest in R&D technology, and then unlock the production plants of the corresponding goods. If the player intends to produce the high-end goods of automobile, it is necessary to study the production technology of automobile parts such as internal combustion engine, automobile interior and shell processing. Only then can we unlock the automobile assembly plant and assemble the parts into finished automobiles.

SimCity BuildIt provides two modes of play, professional mode and sandbox mode. In the professional model, players’businesses compete with computer AI. When all enterprises are in the initial stage of development, the sales market and the resources available are limited to the starting city. If we want to further develop the market and obtain additional resources, we must defeat other competitors in the form of land bidding and win the development rights of other cities. But when I was playing, I could hardly feel the pressure of competition. Every time I could win the right of development at a very cheap price. The illusion that I had hoped to experience a commercial competition was shattered. As a result, the career model does not have many skills that deserve further study and the significance of repetitive play.

But for most fans of simulated business games, sandbox mode is the content of their minds. Sandbox model is highly customized, and can be adjusted from urban architectural style to commodity benchmark price. We can also turn off the technology tree in the sandbox model and customize a complete industrial chain according to the different needs of each city. If there is a high demand for agricultural products in a city, it can be adapted to local conditions and directly build farms and related food processing plants in that city. These rich customized SimCity BuildIt Cheats have increased the value of sandbox mode.

Capitalists are all profit-seeking, and enterprises tend to produce more profitable products. For SimCity BuildIt, these products are not only industrial products that combine science and technology with basic resources, but also basic resources themselves. Therefore, how to integrate the basic resources scattered around the map has become a top priority. This makes the position of supply chain and traffic management in the game very prominent.

If you want to make plastics, you must first build a mining plant in an oil and gas field, then send these two resources to a warehouse, and then leave the warehouse to a petrochemical factory to synthesize plastics. And plastic can be sent to woodworking houses to assemble more profitable plastic furniture. This supply chain forms a complete sales closed-loop, the lack of any one of these resources will affect the final production.

In order to avoid such problems, how to plan the route is a must for players to consider. However, the road design system of the game is not humane enough. When I pave the road, I encounter a situation: the paved road passes through the export of the mining plant, but the resources can not be shipped out to the warehouse. This is because the system will not automatically compensate for that distance for the route laid, thus forming a broken road. Until I received the hint that the resources could not be shipped out, I had to go back and enlarge that section of the road carefully. Only then did I find the awkward scene of two construction boards staring at each other one centimeter apart.

SimCity BuildIt recently released its official edition from the stage of preemptive experience. New finger guides and simple game mechanisms make the game easy to use, but there are still some problems such as content design defects and unreasonable numerical settings. If developers can maintain the current update and repair speed, it is still a game worth trying.