10 Ideas If Jeff Bezos Buys The Washington Commanders If He Chooses To Change The Name

announced Thursday, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos hired an investment firm To consider a possible takeover bid for Washington Commanders.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as rumors have swirled for years that he wanted to free the team from the hands of current owner Daniel Snyder, but this means Bezos will become the team’s owner. It is an important step for

Bezos is now the third richest person in the world, with a fortune of around $120 billion, but he can afford to pay whatever the asking price.

Commander is currently worth $5.6 billion, according to statista.com.

Who likes the name Washington Commanders?

Many fans have shown disdain since the franchise chose Commanders as the moniker to replace its two previous names (the Washington football team and the Redskins).

Week 2: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt (left) and Los Angeles Chargers owner Dean Spanos before the Chargers-Chiefs game begins posing for

Week 2: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt (left) and Los Angeles Chargers owner Dean Spanos before the Chargers-Chiefs game begins posing for

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for sale?Daniel Snyder hires bank to explore ‘potential deal’ with Washington Commander

Many other names have been trademarked by people trying to take advantage of the new name, making it difficult to find the team’s name.

While it’s difficult to find all the names that were asked for and went unnoticed, here are 10 possible names should Bezos choose to rename his team.

Washington Amazons

OK, this might sound a little silly, but why not name the team after the business that made him a millionaire?

Washington Bezos

Well, naming a team after yourself might be a bit narcissistic, but Bezos doesn’t always sound like a surname—it’s like the currency of a distant country in a Tolkien novel.

Washington Billions

Let’s be honest, the fate of billions of dollars is in the hands of the people of Washington, D.C.

washington bribe

Ever wonder how underpaid politicians get so rich that nothing seems to be going on in Congress? This name pays tribute to that.

Washington kickback

Again, kudos to lobbyists who don’t really care about people’s interests.

Washington Investments

All sports teams are investments. Buy the team now for $6 billion and sell it for $10 billion in the future.

Washington Wells

The number of billionaires per capita in the Washington DC area is second only to New York City. This name works and uses alliteration.

The Blue Origin Rocket Launching Company Sponsored American Football Team

Bezos owns his own space company. Why not give your soccer team a catchy name? A logo could be really cool. Toledo he don’t get too close to the Rockets.

DC Prime

This is my personal favourite.

When the Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals in 2005, he wore a cap with the letters DC on it in spring training. I thought it looked much cooler than the “W” used by the current team, which has an odd resemblance to the “W” used by Walgreens.

I always thought DC was a good alternative to Washington. When the Washington football team wanted a permanent name, I figured DC should fight.

With Prime, you work with Bezos’ famous Amazon services and programming division.

Using Google search, the only DC Prime I could find was Steakhouse.

dc dollar

Maybe you didn’t like Prime and you liked DC.

This article originally appeared in Florida Today. Is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Interested in Commander? New Name Ideas