10 injured in Florida shooting

Lakeland, Florida (WFLA) — Florida police are investigating a shooting that injured 10 people Monday afternoon.

Investigators said the shooting occurred around 3:43 p.m. in the city of Lakeland, about 35 miles east of Tampa.

Police said 10 people were killed, including two with serious injuries and eight with non-life-threatening injuries. One was shot in the abdomen, the other in the face.

Police Chief Sam Taylor said the victims were all men between the ages of 20 and 35.

At the time of this report, authorities have not identified a suspect, nor have they revealed a motive for the shooting.

According to Taylor, a dark-colored Nissan four-door stopped at the scene and four male shooters began firing from both sides of the vehicle.

“This is something that doesn’t happen in Lakeland,” said Taylor. “I’ve never been to an event where so many people were shot at once.”

Taylor said the suspect may have been wearing a mask.

Investigators said they found a “felony dose” of marijuana at the scene.

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“We think of ourselves as a small town … When something like this happens, it hits home,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the public shouldn’t worry about their safety. Investigators believe the shooting was targeted.

Investigators are looking for a dark Nissan 4-door. It has dark windows and temporary tags. If you have information about the shooting, please call the police department.

This is a developing story.

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