10% of immigrants entering the Darien Gap do not survive: War correspondents

According to war correspondent Michael Yon, about 10% of migrants who walk the desolate Darien jungle from Colombia to Panama in 7 to 10 days will not survive.

Research journalist and war correspondent Yong has been interviewing people who have done dangerous trekking in the Darien Gap for three months, leaving the cliffs and getting infected with yellow fever and cholera.

Aside from natural disasters, Yong reports that many women, especially Haitians and Cubans, have been raped and killed on their journey north through the jungle.

The Darien Gap has become one of the most important routes for illegal trafficking of migrants (mainly Africans, Cubans, and Haitians) trying to reach the United States via Central America.

“It’s very dangerous. Based on many interviews over the last three months and three and a half months, I think about 10% will actually die,” Yon told NTD’s “The Nation Speaks.”

“I’ve heard others say only about 1%, which is completely wrong,” he continued. “It depends on which way they choose and they go the hard way.”

Based on Yong’s interviews in the last three months, Yon estimates that one in ten people who enter the country fails, but the majority of those who survive are injured or ill. And I haven’t eaten anything for about a week. The time it takes to complete the trek.

“This is part of the wildest jungle in the world,” Yong explained. “This is especially bad … for many reasons. One is mountains and the other is just rain. Yellow fever is endemic and there are flash floods that kill large numbers of people. Not occasionally. “

Last week, 10 out of a group of 20 people in Senegal died in the Darien Gap, Yong said. At least one person died from flash floods and at least one fell off a cliff. He said he didn’t know exactly how the other eight died.

“What we’ve learned from many interviews is that the people we find are coming out.’Did you see someone dead or did you see someone dead?'” Most of them You would say you saw someone die or die, “he said.

Since President Joe Biden took office on January 20, the number of illegal immigrants at the southern border has skyrocketed. statistics. This is increasing from just over 173,000 individuals encountered in March.

Republicans have long argued that the crisis is widespread as a result of Mr. Biden’s move to overturn immigration policy during the Trump administration, which helped curb the flow of illegal border crossings. Includes the Immigration Protection Protocol (MPP) on which its predecessor was based, effectively ending the problematic “catch and release” policy of illegal immigrants seen at the Southern Border in 2019. The rapid increase was greatly suppressed. Officially ended on June 1st.

Returning to the Obama-era policy of promoting “catch and release,” the Biden administration is once again releasing unaccompanied minors into the country. Lawmakers argue that Mr. Biden’s actions have been interpreted as encouraging future immigrants to travel to the United States.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is trying to shift responsibility to the administration of former President Donald Trump, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas previously said that the Trump administration was “an order for children to have children, humanitarian. Claims based on US law in your own country that dismantled a targeted and efficient method “

Mr. Trump accused Mr. Biden of “destroying” the United States with the administration’s “failed border policy.”

“If he hadn’t done anything, we would now have the strongest border in history,” Trump said in an interview with Newsmax’s Dick Morris in May. All I had to do was do nothing. “

Janita Kan and Reuters contributed to this report.

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