100 COVID Cases Related to Nebraska Day Care β€” More Infectious Subspecies, Officials Say

Dozens of coronavirus cases are associated with Nebraska day care, health officials say, and many of them have proven to be more easily spread variants.

Douglas County Health Department says contact tracing opens Omaha day care facility on Friday Over 100 COVID-19 cases..

More than half of Rosewood Academy’s Child Care and Preschool Staff and students Officials said they were affected, WOWT reported.

Most of the cases were caused by a variant of COVID-19 called B.1.1.7. It is well known as a British variant.

Officials said the variant was of particular concern because it was more contagious than other strains.

Health officials do not know Exact number of UK atypical cases ABC News reported that Nebraska is affiliated with the Rosewood Academy because it does not perform genomic sequencing on each sample.

Rosewood Academy Closed facilities in the northwest March 18 after the first case was confirmed, according to KMTV.

At the time, day care said it went beyond that to mitigate the spread of the virus.

“The health and safety of children, families and staff Top priority “Rosewood Academy Child Care and Preschool,” said a spokesman for day care owner Kelly Hansen, KETV reported.

“The spread of the UK (UK) variant at the Rosewood Academy is consistent with where it exists. It spreads more easily and makes children more susceptible. Preventive procedures and protocols, Like other variants of the virus, it utilizes a thorough screening process, hand washing, staff, children and family cleaning procedures. “

According to KETV, day care later “temporarily and” everywhere for two weeks to “spend 100% of the immediate time and energy to protect our business and reputation through the suspension of this investigation.” He said it closed “voluntarily”.

Justin Frederick, director of infectious disease epidemiology in Douglas County, reported that the outbreak of rosewood was not unprecedented, and similar incidents could occur in schools of all kinds.

County health officials are urging nurseries to be vaccinated.

β€œIt’s very important to vaccinate the nursery,” said Dr. Adi Pool, director of health. “The nursery is vaccinated and can be easily booked on the DCHD website.”

“It’s not time to relax,” WOWT reported, agreeing with Phil Rooney, a spokesman for the Douglas County Health Department.

B.1.1.7 Variant First identified in September McClatchy News reported that it had expanded to the United States by the end of December in the United Kingdom. It was first discovered in the United States in Colorado.

Experts are still working to determine how effective the COVID-19 vaccine is against mutants, but early data show that the double-dose Moderna and Pfizer vaccines provided. Suggests.Minimal impact McClatchy News reports on the efficacy of antibodies against UK variants. “

is more than 10,500 cases According to CDC data, one of the UK variants has been reported in the United States until Sunday.