100 days after the election, Kari Lake is defeated again.surprised

Arizona's former Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake will host an event on Saturday, February 11, 2023 at The District venue in Ankeny, Iowa.

Arizona’s former Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake will host an event on Saturday, February 11, 2023 at The District venue in Ankeny, Iowa.

A verdict has been handed down. Kari Lake lost. again.

Is there anyone left on earth who is amazed by this?

Arizona Court of Appeals Thursday all her claims were dismissed of the many ways she was robbed in last year’s election.

“The evidence presented to the Superior Court ultimately supports the Court’s conclusion that voters were able to cast their ballots, that their votes were tallied correctly, and that there was no other basis to justify the annulment of the election results. . Katie Hobbs is actually GOV. Katie Hobbes.

Kali Lake swears an appeal (please donate)

The three-judge appellate panel’s ruling, which follows Maricopa County Superior Court Judge’s ruling, followed a two-day bench trial, but is set to put an end to the constant groaning, moaning, and stomping. I want to say that Feet in good and decent condition and blatant slander.

But of course, Lake has already vowed to appeal. What she argues for is saving Arizona, but I think building a bank account and staying politically relevant is more important.

Increase hand count?Cochise supervisor wants integrated election administration

And to Lake’s reaction to her recent defeat:

“BREAKING NEWS: We said we’ll take this case to the Arizona Supreme Court, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Buckle up, America!” she tweetedalong with helpful links to her nonprofits.

After all, electoral denial is a lucrative business, and Lake isn’t going to get off this particular issue. gravityy training.

the first judge gave her two days in court

Here in the real world, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson bowed backwards to give Lake a day in court in December.

Maricopa County election officials intentionally rigged the Nov. 8 election so that the judge gave Lake every chance to prove she lost, in fact. It was a matter of days.

Instead, Lake offered opinions, speculation, and a fair amount of wishful thinking to convince the judge that the Republican candidate was the victim of a vicious conspiracy by Republican-run counties. Presented a parade.

In a 10-page ruling issued on Christmas Eve, Judge Thompson extracted testimony From each of Lake’s eyewitnesses … partisan pollsters who testified at exit polls that she should have won … to cyber experts who claimed county ballots weren’t counted because they were shrunk, those ballots weren’t counted. Before admitting it was still counted.

and 12 page borders A court of appeals issued late Thursday agreed with Thompson on all counts.

Second Court Agreed “No Evidence”

For example, regarding Lake’s claim that plans are underway to shrink the ballots or make them illegible to the tallyers:

“Lake did not present evidence that voters whose ballots could not be read by on-site counters could not have been cast,” Judge Cattani wrote. “Conversely, Lake’s cybersecurity experts ensured that misconfigured ballots (or ballots that were otherwise unreadable by on-site counters) were physically submitted through a secure “door 3.” confirmed that it could be reproduced on a readable ballot by Maricopa’s Bipartisan Commission. It was the county’s central tallying facility and was finally counted. “

On her allegation that tens of thousands of voters didn’t turn out to vote because of long lines on Election Day:

“But the only evidence Lake claims that these issues could influence the outcome of the election was sheer speculation,” he wrote.

Also, regarding her allegation that Maricopa County cast 25,000 extra ballots, Election Night’s estimates of “more than 275,000” or “more than 275,000” early votes were cast and all ballots was different from the exact number 291,890 after it was scanned.

“Apart from questionable mathematics, Lake does not explain (or provide a legal basis for) how the difference between the initial estimate and the final exact number invalidates the vote. hm),” he wrote.

Maybe now please, can you stop Lake?

And Lake lost. again.

“Voters could vote …,” wrote the appellate judge. “Your votes were counted correctly.”

After 100 days of stomping her feet, spreading false information, and running across the country slandering state election officials, I’d like to think the lake of constant suffering will just stop.

So she scraped together pieces of class and dignity and finally accepted the voters’ verdict. and a judge. and three appeals judges.

Forget this phony quest for “electoral integrity.” Go in search of personal integrity.

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This article originally appeared in the Republic of Arizona. Kari Lake loses again. I’m shocked (not) for one