11 injured in an explosion in the city of Saddle, Baghdad

Baghdad — At least 11 people were injured in an explosion on Wednesday near the city of Saddle in Baghdad, according to Iraqi police and medical personnel.

According to a military statement, an explosion occurred in the city of Saddle, but details have not been disclosed.

There was no claim of immediate liability. This was the second attack on the city of Saddle and the third attack targeting the busy market in Baghdad this year.

In April, a car bomb attack in the same neighborhood killed four people and injured 20. And in January, a suicide bomber killed at least 32 people in a crowded market.

Both attacks were claimed by ISIS terrorists.

The massive bomb attacks that occurred almost every day in the Iraqi capital have stopped since the defeat of ISIS terrorists in 2017 and are part of an overall improvement in security that has brought Baghdad back to normal life.

The attack on Wednesday occurs during the election year, when tensions between rival Iraqi political parties often caused violence.

Populist priest Moktada Al Saddle, named after the city of Saddle, commands millions of Iraqis and is a member of ISIS and its rival Shiites with Iran-backed militias. Both are counted as enemies.

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