11 newborns killed in a hospital fire in Senegal

Eleven newborns were killed in a hospital fire in a newborn ward in the Senegalese city of Tibauane. The president of the West African country announced just before midnight on Wednesday local time.

Senegalese President Macky Sall said, “The fire in the neonatology department of Mame Abdu Aziz Si ​​Dabak Hospital in Tibauane has just disappointed the deaths of 11 newborns.” .. I wrote on Twitter May 26th.

“We would like to express our deepest sympathies to our mothers and their families.”

Senegalese health minister Abdoulaye Diouf Saar told local television networks that preliminary investigations revealed that a “short circuit” and “very rapid expansion” in the ward caused a fire. ..

“Three babies have been saved,” said Den Badip, Mayor of Tibauane.

Police and fire departments are still in the hospital, according to Dip, but details have not been disclosed.

Tivaouane in northwestern Senegal is a sanctuary for Tijani Muslims, about 50 miles from the country’s capital, Dakar. It is also a transportation hub.

The State Health Minister is in Geneva for the World Health Assembly, but he said he would shorten his trip and return soon. Senegal, AFP reported..

This is not the first time a fire has broke out in a hospital in Senegal this year. In April, a similar fire broke out at Ringere’s hospital, killing four newborns.

Mayor Ringere blamed the electrical failure of the air conditioner in the maternity ward, AFP reported.

Authorities also reported the death of a pregnant woman while waiting in vain to undergo a Caesarean section in early April.

Her death outside a public hospital in the northwestern town of Luga caused national anger about the state of the public health system in Senegal.

The Luga High Court has sentenced three midwives to six months in prison with a suspended sentence, saying they “couldn’t help those at risk,” AFP reported. The other three midwives were acquitted.

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