12 Asian countries rank among top 25 travel destinations with highest mortality rates

In the list of the world’s 50 most visited countries ranked by safety, 12 of the 25 highest mortality destinations were Asian countries.

While dominating various guides, Must-see travel destination listAsian countries have not fared well recently safety index Insurance comparison site The Swifttest announced.

The ranking was determined by seven factors: homicide rate, traffic accident death rate, poisoning death rate, unsanitary death rate, years of life expectancy from communicable diseases, years of life expectancy from trauma, and natural disaster risk.

India, Cambodia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates rank among the top 25 countries with the highest mortality rates, while South Korea, Japan, Israel, and Singapore rank bottom. I was 25th. South Africa ranked among the countries with the highest tourist mortality rate.

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The list ranked India as the country with the second highest death rate and Singapore the safest.

Of the 50 most visited countries, India had the highest death rate due to poor hygiene (18.6 per 100,000). The country’s extreme wealth inequality has also been cited as a factor, with an estimated more than 1.3 billion people living in poverty and poverty. poor living conditions.

Singapore ranks as the safest country, with low death rates from homicides and road accidents, and low risk of natural disasters. I think it is caused by

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The Philippines and India ranked among the top 10 countries with the highest homicide death rates.

Asian countries dominate the list of countries with the highest number of road deaths, with Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran, Cambodia and China in 7th out of 10 places.

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China, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia are listed as countries with the highest poison death rates, but poison incidents in China are suspected of being underreported.

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Six Asian countries, including India, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea, have the highest death rates due to poor hygiene.

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