12-year-old request-answering parents after teacher cut hair without permission

Couple Minnesota I’m angry after my son’s teacher cut his hair. The boy’s parents were shocked when he returned home, explaining that the school did not notify them of the incident.

A 12-year-old boy whose name was not disclosed told his parents that his teacher had cut his hair during school hours.

According to CBS4 MinnesotaDaetney McReynolds, one of the boy’s mothers, Said The press that her son was proud of his long hair.

“It was actually growing pretty well,” Daetney said. “In fact, he was thinking about everything [sis] It’s like the style he wanted to do with it. “

Tadow McReynolds said her son was worried about his parents’ reaction to what his teacher did.

“And he said,’Are you angry?'” Tado said. “We were like’for what?’. He takes off his hat,” I The teacher cut my hair. “

When Tado asked why the teacher had his hair cut, he replied that he was angry and the teacher came and offered help.

“I was really angry … I was just angry and then my head was down,” Tado said. “And the teacher came and said,’Let me fix it for you.'”

As a result, Tado is angry that no one contacted her or her wife when her son broke down.

“Why did you make her think this was okay? If you’re going to help my child, why don’t you do it the right way,” Tado said. “Common sense, useful? By asking him for real help?”

William Baker of KMOJ Radio told WCCO4 that human hair is their hair Crown In the black community. According to Baker, the incident demoralized the youth and robbed them of their pride.

“It only demoralizes him and robs him of his pride,” Baker said. “And now his hair is in a situation where people are dictating what he should look like.”

In time for the boy’s new start at the new school, the radio host contacted the hairdresser Big Ryu, who appeared at his mobile hairdresser.

Tadow posted a video of his son’s new haircut on Instagram and thanked Baker, his barber Big Lew, and the community for their help.

“Me [sic] My family would like to thank all the support of RIGHT PEOPLE for their intervention. We didn’t want to post a video of our son. “I’m not ignoring anyone. There are many people who give me time for hmu.”

She says her son is planning to get his hair back and thank those who helped her son understand that everything will be better.

“My son has a fresh new haircut … he said he’ll put his hair back, he also told you you he literally” loves “his words lol … he Never use that word loosely, “Tado wrote. “We will never be so grateful that our son has confirmed that he is a child. Things will be better … Thank you @[100006662201410:William BakeShow Baker] @[85992791356:89.9 KMOJ “THE PEOPLES STATION”] Tiff Love, @ Big Lew[122438854462721:HairCut City]@[100047142883836:Georgia Fort] @[100000274033662:Reg Chapman Wcco] Thanks to everyone who knows who you are … Have a safe and blessed stay for everyone. “