15 subtle but often overlooked workplace red flags everyone should look out for


Recently, the editor u/Background Chapter 970 Asked A very important question is, “What are red flags from employers that people may not immediately recognize as red flags?” Here are 15 subtle but important red flags people shared at work.

1.“When employees quit or are laid off, when a company does not hire new people to replace them. At first it may be difficult to see that as a red flag. Once the “temporary” workload is added to one’s workload, the former employee’s job gradually becomes the new permanent workload without changing salaries or benefits to compensate for the additional tasks. Become. The further unfilled the situation goes, the bigger and more obvious the red flags. ”

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2.“When management speaks ill of other employees. At first you may feel included or special, but then they start talking about you.” guarantees.”


A woman taking out a red flag from her shirt

A woman taking out a red flag from her shirt


3.“If you check Glassdoor, there are a lot of overwhelmingly positive reviews from ‘anonymous current employees.’ Bonus points if they say, ‘I don’t have any cons! It’s under the cons list. Even the best place to work in the world has some drawbacks. ”


Four.“Want to spot the red flags early? During an interview, if your employer asks if you have any questions, ask: What was the last thing one of your employees did really well?” No problem for a good employer: “It’s to celebrate the team. A silly employer would have a hard time answering that. It’s a perfectly normal question.”

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“It will also tell you what they really value. They’re pushing for work-life balance, yet their favorite employee is ‘doing the extra work to get things done’.” If people, it means they don’t really respect your work.” – Life Balance. I learned this the hard way. ”

u/scarlett 1993

nodding woman

nodding woman


Five.“Companies offering far below market salaries because ‘you can learn so much’ or ‘work with a great team’. Sorry my bank doesn’t pay IQ as a mortgage payment.” I haven’t received any points.”


“I work in games. Many job listings end with ‘You must have a passion for video games.’原文: Your salary will be garbage, there will be a lot of overtime, and with hundreds of applicants, I don’t care if you like it or not. ”


6.“When they say, ‘We’re family here,’ especially if it’s a smaller company. No, you’re the business. And we’re the employees.”


“‘We are like family! ”

u/shawarma depot

“When you hear, ‘We’re like family here,’ run away and don’t look back. The only ‘family’ trait that comes out of that job is dysfunction, gaslighting, and a lack of responsibility. ”

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People in a meeting with text, x drawn over co-workers instead of family

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7.“If long-term employees say this place sucks, believe them. ”


“When I got my new job, I remember walking past an employee on their first day and jokingly telling them, ‘Quit it now.’ I am thinking of doing the same thing.”


8.“Game consoles, foosball, air hockey, beer, cool hangouts at work. They want and expect you to spend all your waking hours there.”

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“I can confirm. I worked for a company that had golf simulators, arcades, Xbox, etc. in-house. Probably the most toxic job I’ve ever had, but I’m glad I left. Worked very hard the whole time.” After working, no matter how good we were, we were only met with the same false promises and “pizza parties”. ”


people playing fusball

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9.“Salaried workers are required to work overtime on a regular basis. Even if you end up working 60 hours a week, you are not really doing much more than the minimum wage for those hours. .”

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Ten.“Management willing to take risks and cut corners. He said he likes being in a cohesive group and he values ​​us so much we will all have our opinions.After maybe 3 questions he asked me I asked, “If you have unstable luggage and I said I need to load it.” this minute,Would you try it? I said to him, “No, if it’s not safe and could kill someone, I won’t allow it until the issue is resolved.”i would say [him] Try to solve the problem and fix it. ‘ Then he said, ‘What if I told you I had to load it? As it is? ‘ I said, “It hasn’t been loaded yet, so I’m going to take it to the health and safety team.” He immediately said I wasn’t the right person for the company. I think he was lucky that he didn’t even get the job offer. ”


person saying no


11.“Sporadic and slow to respond during the interview period. This could be a sign that you don’t value the potential new hire’s time, or that you are so unorganized that you can’t even put your own interviews in order. It shows which.”


“My boss told me to schedule an interview for a position at the company and I had to reschedule. every day. single.one. I always asked her beforehand if she would be available and she said okay, but she didn’t show up for the interview after that. The interviewee sent me a message like “??” And she would make me cancel them outright. I was embarrassed. ”

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12.“When you’re not evaluated until you ask for a raise. And suddenly your work becomes questioned and blamed.”

“I almost lost my job because I asked for a raise. I got a warning from , but it was basically about failing again.” Up until now, my boss has been telling me how good a job I am doing, so I literally don’t think there is a problem. did not.

I told them that I had basically begged them for support and how I felt unappreciated. The CEO and his CTO’s response was, “We always tell you how much we appreciate you.” I wish nothing but bad things to employers who do things like this. ”

u/Edward Currencities

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13.“When the company asked me to show up 10-15 minutes before my shift started. got into an argument, and if you don’t pay your salary, they’ll yell at you.’ You don’t have to be present for those 15 minutes. ”


“I once had an employer like this. I asked why this was necessary and they said people have to be ready to work at 8 and people go to work at 8 and go into the changing room to get ready. I told them, I put on my work clothes, I showed up at 8 o’clock, and I went straight to work when I got to work. It seems to have meant “not a player”. ”


14.“If the interviewer is negative and picky and they hire you, decline the offer or at least keep looking for a better job if you really need the money now.”

“My theory is that such an employer is just desperate to hire you and will never really welcome you as an employee. Also keep in mind that if there is, there may be a good reason not to hire anyone.” I would love to stay there. This is based on my recent experience. ”

u/perfect continuity

“It’s easy to forget that interviews are usually two-way. The interviewer is also trying to sell you the job.”

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15.And finally, “When people say things like, ‘We’re definitely not a 9-to-5 office, we’ll be there until the job’s done,’ we’re there.” What it does do is that there will be a lot of overtime, perhaps due to poor planning or overwork on the part of the leader. It may still be a good job, but you have to negotiate fairness, not just salary. ”

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Are there any subtle red flags that are often overlooked at work? If so, let us know in the comments section below.or from this anonymous form.

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