16-mile backup greets Southern California drivers returning from Las Vegas

Hesperia, CA, Sunday, November 27, 2022 - Heavy traffic along I-15 South as people return from a holiday weekend in Las Vegas.  (Robert Gautier/Los Angeles Times)

Traffic jams along I-15 South as people return from vacation weekends in Las Vegas. (Robert Gautier/Los Angeles Times)

Drivers returning to Southern California after spending Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas had bad luck on Sunday as traffic fell back 16 miles on the highway crossing the Nevada border.

The Southern Nevada Regional Transportation Commission tweeted at 11:30 a.m. “Heavy traffic to California,” and posted, “Be prepared for long delays.”

The bottleneck on Interstate 15 began just south of Primm on the Nevada side of the border and added about an hour to the drive from Las Vegas to Ontario, Calif., said Carmen, a traffic engineer with the commission. Perkins said.

“This is really typical of Thanksgiving weekend traffic,” Perkins said, adding that a similar crawl caught Saturday’s southbound interstate.

The commission’s website urged drivers to avoid the route on both days.

This story originally appeared los angeles times.