16-year-old arrested for tearing a woman’s hair from her scalp in a racist attack in London

A 16-year-old boy was arrested for racist assault after pulling a woman’s hair and hitting her head outside a London station last year.

The victim was a 31-year-old South Asian woman who was reportedly attacked by a teenager on December 18 after getting off the bus on Route 119 outside East Croydon Station in southern London. Daily mail report.

“Some of it was stripped from the scalp,” Scotland Yard said in a statement because the suspect pulled the victim’s hair violently. “Then he hit her behind his head and fell.” Stated. The woman whose name was not revealed injured her face.

“”Addressing violent crimes, especially against women and girls, remains our number one priority, “said police officer Becky Hughes earlier this month. “This was a completely provocative assault that lasted while the victim was lying on the ground. Anyone who was there, or who was aware of the person in the image released today, would definitely come forward. give me.”

The boy reportedly went to a train station in southern London on Sunday and was arrested on suspicion of racially worsening assault. according to Metro UK.. He remains in custody while authorities are investigating.

Featured image via Oxyman ((((CC BY 2.5).

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