1972 “Napalm Girl” escorts Ukrainian refugees to Canada


Warsaw, Poland (AP) — Famous girl Phan Thi Kim Phuc 1972 Vietnam Napalm bullet attack photo236 refugees on Monday Russian war in Ukraine On a flight from Warsaw to Canada.

A photo of Phuc’s iconic AP newsletter running with her napalm-burned body exposed is on a civilian non-governmental plane flying refugees to Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada. It was carved.

Kim, a 59-year-old Canadian citizen, said he hopes his story and work for refugees will be a message of peace. She boarded a humanitarian plane from Toronto with her husband, Buoy Hui Toan.

Refugees, mainly women and children from all over Ukraine, are one of the thousands of Ukrainians that Canada provided humanitarian visas after Russia invaded their country. Millions of Ukrainians have fled since Russia attacked on February 24, according to the United Nations. About 5.5 million people are enrolled in European humanitarian organizations.

Canada is one of many Western countries providing safe shelters for Ukrainian refugees.

Enrique Pineyro, the founder of the NGO Solidaire, an Argentine philanthropist and pilot, piloted the Boeing 787. The Oscar camp of the Spanish organization Open Arms was also on board.

Associated Press photographer Nick Ut took a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of Kim and other children fleeing a Napalm bullet attack in South Vietnam in June 1972.