2 fleas of road rage shooting that killed a boy, 6

Santa Ana, California (AP)-A couple in Southern California could be charged with murder in a road assault that killed a six-year-old boy on the freeway last month, officials said.

Markus Anthony Ellis, 24 and Win Lee, 23, were shot dead on Tuesday in Orange County, southeastern Los Angeles, when their mother took him to kindergarten on April 21. He was to be charged with the death of Leos.

According to witnesses who stopped to help her mother and her, another car cut her out, responded with a gesture, the car slipped behind her, and someone inside fired at the back of her car. ..

Highway patrol officials said the road runaway incident originated from “a seemingly unsafe lane change.”

CHP Colonel Mike Harris said he had spoken to Aiden’s mother about the arrest on Monday.

“I shot her in FaceTime,” he said. “I let her know what happened. She was very emotional.”

Ellis and Lee, who lived together as boyfriends and girlfriends, were arrested on Sunday in Costa Mesa, Orange County. Authorities found the gun and car, but were not at the scene of the arrest, said Don Goodbrand, chief aide to the California Highway Patrol, at a press conference Monday.

The two remained imprisoned on bail of $ 1 million each, and it was not immediately clear if there was a lawyer to defend them.

Authorities have provided at least $ 500,000 in bounties from across the country to obtain information that could lead to the arrest of the case.

“We got hundreds of hints from the general public, which was very helpful,” Goodbrand didn’t mention the bounty.

The car, which CHP described as a white car for the Volkswagen Golf Sports Weigen, was relatively rare and helped investigators examine surveillance footage, Goodbrand said.

Lee is believed to be driving a car, and Ellis is in the front seat and suspected of being the culprit, said district attorney Todd Spitzer, who held a photo of Aiden at a press conference.

According to Spitzer, the allegations included a “reckless act” murder that could result in death, a gun shot at the vehicle in which he was riding, and a seven-year sentence in state prison. Sexual, but if the sentencing is strengthened, 25 years could survive.

According to Spitzer, what many of us do every day, the boy killed on the freeway, had a population of 3 million.

“It can happen to any of us,” he said.

“We are all angry with other drivers. Other drivers are angry with us,” DA said. “I threw some gestures about myself, but it never led to a violent situation, and certainly never lost my life or yours.”

Spitzer said the boy was buried in his family hours before the press conference.

Spitzer said, “Today Aiden has fallen underground, we want to promise to do justice for him.” We have to promise him that. “

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