2 Iranian Navy ships heading to the Americas, potentially provoking the United States

McClan Iran Ship America

This satellite image, taken on May 10, 2021, shows Iran’s naval vessel McLean near Larak Island in Iran. Maxar via Reuters

  • The United States is tracking two Iranian naval vessels that are believed to be heading to Venezuela.

  • Politico reported that the ship was approaching the Atlantic Ocean and was carrying a “missile attack boat.”

  • Biden is trying to bring Iran back to the 2015 nuclear deal and appears reluctant to offend Tehran.

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Two mysterious Iranian naval vessels heading to the Americas are expected to soon enter the Atlantic Ocean, raising new challenges for the Biden administration. Politico reported.

Saturday, Outlet reported The United States was monitoring IRNS McLean, a transit station that turned into an oil tanker, and an Iranian Navy frigate, believed to be heading to Venezuela.

Iran Deploying the Navy in the Atlantic Ocean has long been threatenedHowever, I was not faithful to the word.

Iran’s intentions are unclear, but a spokesman for the National Security Commission told Politico that Venezuela bought weapons from Iran last year.

“This has all the traces of selling weapons.”

satellite Image released by USNI News on Monday Shows that IRNS Makran is equipped with “7 high-speed missile attack boats”.

Wednesday, US Senator Marco Rubio Tweeted The invasion was an attempt to “project a message of power to the Biden administration.”

“This includes all markings for the delivery of weapons sales to Venezuela (such as fast attack craft),” he said.

Pentagon officials told Politico that the Pentagon has no plans to deploy US Navy vessels to counter Iranian vessels.

“I warn no one to make a mistake in the calculation.”

“I’m not going to guess what the Iranian Navy will do or not,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at a press conference Tuesday.

Insiders contacted the Pentagon for comment.

On Monday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Hatibuzade said countries should not rush to conclude on Iran’s intentions. “Iran is always present in international waters and has this right under international law,” he said. According to Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

“I warn no one to make a mistake in the calculation. People living in a glass house need to be careful.”

Approaching Iranian vessels bring new challenges to the Biden administration

America is about to Bringing Iran back to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Also known as the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and May end sanctions After being introduced under the Trump administration The United States withdrew from the agreement in May 2018.

Confronting Iranian vessels in international waters could upset Tehran and endanger US efforts.

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