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Dope Trading: Tommy Chong Launches Preroll in Michigan under the MKX Brand

After 65 years of cannabis smoking, Tommy Chong returned to the form he started at the age of 17. Cannabis is “the job of my life,” cannabis advocates, comedians, and actors told Benzinga at a virtual press conference on Monday, showing off the homemade bamboo joint holder he uses to cool the smoke. .. On Wednesday, Chung will launch his pre-roll brand in Michigan, along with state production partner MKX Brands, in 12 starting lines at 20 pharmacies. Sam Kaoud, CEO of MKX Brands, said the first production of pre-rolls was sold out, the second batch was in production, and there are plans to add more clinics where Chung’s pre-rolls are available. “We want to sell so many products that it’s worth investing in growth,” Chung said. This is the latest development of Chung’s long history in the Five Great Huzhou, from playing guitar with Motown band Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers in the 1960s to numerous appearances at venues such as Ann Arbor Hash Bash and BDT Smoke Shop. is. The 82-year-old professional Stoner said he stopped at the airport the last time he came to Michigan. There, TSA found a “big weed jar” in his son Knapsack. “My son threw me under the bus,” Chung said with a laugh at the TSA checkpoint. (They were unharmed and fled the hiding place.) Michigan voters legalized medical marijuana in 2008 and recreational marijuana in 2018 with ballot questions. Sales of recreational cannabis in the state began on December 1, 2019. Related links: Cannabis according to Tommy Chong: “The only bad weed is not a weed” Chong has been vaccinated with the coronavirus and he is eager to return to Michigan for a visit, said last year. Said that he revealed that cannabis was an essential drug. “The pandemic really shot down many myths about cannabis that had been floating for years, the lies,” he told Benzinga, with the bars closed while the pharmacy was open and many of those bars. Added that he would never open again. Cannabis “calms the world,” he said. “Everyone is calm. Alcohol was the biggest problem.” Chung, who sold the brand Bonn online in 2003 in federal prison for nine months and shipped it across state boundaries, Joe • Asked President Biden to strip cannabis’ Schedule I DEA status and recognize its medical benefits. “What I want the government to do is grow,” said the “Up In Smoke” star. “Change the schedule. That’s all. He [Biden] You can do it from his office with a stroke of the pen. He added that the factory’s DEA schedule is “pure racism” and is working to free those who remain imprisoned for cannabis convictions. “Currently, there are still people in legal state prisons who are sentenced to life imprisonment for something that is considered legal.” Where to buy Tommy Chong’s pre-roll in Michigan Chong’s pre-roll , Will be available in Michigan on Wednesday, May 5th. The first available strains are Cherry Punch, Donkey Butter, Cookies & Cream, Crunch Berry, Triple Chocolate Chips, Wedding Cakes, Banana Daddy, MAC Gas, Purple Triangle Cush, OG Cookies, Purple Ghost, Now & Later Cookies. The following medical and adult stores offer pre-rolls: Metro Detroit: Shango Hazel Park, THC Detroit, Herbal Healing, Flower Bowl, House of Dunk Center Line, Herbology River Rouge Bay City: Herbology Bungor, Fire Creek Bay City , Hashish Boyz, Dispo Lapeer: Pure Lapeer, Xplore Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti: Exclusive Ann Arbor, The Patient Station Jackson Area: Pinnacle Addison Border Towns: Pinnacle Morenci, The Nest Camden Kalamazoo / Battle Creek: Great Lakes Holistics, Fire Creek Battle Creek Grand Rapids: Exclusive Grand Rapids Tommy Chung with pre-roll to launch in the cannabis market in Michigan under the MKX brand. Courtesy photo. Learn more about Benzinga Click here for Benzinga options trading. Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd in all respects © 2021 Benginga.com. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. all rights reserved.

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