2 out of 17 American missionaries kidnapped in Haiti released

Two of the 17 Christian missionaries kidnapped by the Haitian gang last month have been released.

Christian Aid Ministry, an organization that supports missionaries, statement On Sunday’s website about development.

“We learned that two of Haiti’s hostages were released. We praise God for this! We can only provide limited information, but the two released hostages are safe. So I can report that I am fine and cared for. “

For security reasons, the organization said it could not provide the names or current locations of the two released missionaries.

“We cannot provide or confirm the name of the person who released it, the reason for the release, the place of origin, or the current location. The person associated with the person who has more specific information about the release protects that information. Please, “added the statement.

The group also encouraged continued prayer on sensitive situations, remembering that 15 missionaries were still in captivity.

“We encourage you to continue to pray that this situation will be completely resolved. While we are pleased with this release, our hearts are still in the 15 people who are still in captivity,” the statement said. I am.

Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministry said in a message that missionaries were on their way home from the construction of an orphanage when the incident occurred in October.

“This is a special prayer warning,” said a WhatsApp message, the screenshot of which was seen by The Epoch Times. “Pray for gang members to come to repentance.” The message also said that women and children were among the abducted people.

Haiti police inspector Franz Champagne told The Associated Press that 400 Mawozo gangs had kidnapped a group (including some seniors) in Ganthier, a commune east of the Port-au-Prince capital. According to officials, the gang, whose name translates to about 400 “inexperienced men,” dominated the Croix-des-Bouquet district, including Ganthier, where they kidnapped and hijacked and blackmailed business owners. increase.

The Christian Group’s message stated that the mission’s field director is currently working with the US Embassy in Haiti. Other details were not immediately available.

The US State Department confirmed in a statement to the press that it was aware of reports of the kidnapping.

“The welfare and security of US citizens abroad is one of the State Department’s top priorities,” a spokesman said in a statement without providing additional comments.

A few days later, the responsible gang demanded $ 1 million per person for the hostages.

“If I don’t get what I’m looking for, I swear with lightning to put a bullet on these American heads,” said Wilson Joseph, the gang’s suspicious leader, dubbed “400 Mawozo.” Said. According to the video It was shared on social media.

Jack Phillips contributed to this report.

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