20 people killed in freak weather event during China’s ultramarathon

Beijing — At least 20 people were killed in a frigid weather at the Ultra Marathon on Saturday in Gansu Province, northwestern China, local government officials said the next day.

Baiyin city officials told the press on Sunday at 8 am Beijing time.

A 62-mile (100-kilometer) cross-country race took place on Saturday morning at Yellow Reverse Tone Forest, a scenic tourist destination in Jingtai County, under the jurisdiction of Baiyin.

“Around noon, the high-altitude section of the 20-31km race was suddenly affected by stormy weather. In a short period of time, sudden hail and glaze fell on the area and strong winds blew. Temperatures dropped sharply. “Bayin Mayor Chan Shuchen said.

The race was canceled around 2 pm when the weather deteriorated.

“This incident is a public security incident caused by sudden changes in the weather in the area,” Zhang said. He added that state officials would begin an investigation.

A total of 172 people participated. As of Sunday, 151 participants, including the injured, were confirmed to be safe, China’s official media Xinhua News Agency reported.

One runner is still missing, officials said. More than 700 rescue teams have been deployed by local governments.

China Marathon
Rescuers helping people in a 100-kilometer cross-country mountain race on May 22, 2021, killing at least 20 people in extreme weather near Baiyin, Gansu Province, northwestern China .. (AFP via Getty Images)

The complex terrain and terrain of the area caused the temperature to drop again at night, making search and rescue more difficult, state media reported.

Landslides after stormy weather also hindered rescue operations, according to silver officials.

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