2,000 people gathered and dozens arrested in an illegal rave in southeastern England

Dozens of British were arrested after an illegal rave involving up to 2,000 people in a national park in southeastern England.

Sussex police faced “grave hostility” when closing an unauthorized music event in Steyning, West Sussex on Sunday.

More than 50 people have been arrested and detained on suspicion of crimes such as drinking alcohol, driving drugs, possessing drugs, and theft.

Police are expected to increase this number in a statement, “one of the largest unplanned operations Sussex Police has experienced in recent years.”

Under the current COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, the rally may not exceed 30 people unless subject to legal exemption. Police can fine up to £ 10,000 for anyone who violates this rule.

A video posted on social media on Sunday shows a large crowd dancing in a remote location in front of a speaker sending music.

Police later seized “massive” music equipment, including audio systems and speakers, and eight individuals were identified and arrested as organizers of unauthorized events.

Police said the order to leave the area was issued at 5:45 pm and the case “concluded” at 7:15 pm.

According to Sussex police, police officers were assaulted while trying to detain an individual who resisted arrest.

A police community support officer was also treated on suspicion of a broken arm after a driver crashed into a police car trying to escape from the scene during a large-scale operation.

Sussex police warned last night that the road network was disrupted by the large number of poorly parked vehicles, and locals urged the area to avoid it.

Horsham District Councilor James Wright said yesterday that an illegal rave led to a “horrible cow with a young calf” and an unauthorized incident caused “a lot of confusion and heartache” for nearby people. Said that.

“The people who attended may think they had the best time, but they did real damage and pain to the people who live and farm here,” Wright wrote on Twitter.

Comedian John O’Sullivan, who lives in nearby Horsham, explained how everyone was “scattered” from an illegal incident when police arrived on Sunday.

He states: [were] There. The music was stopped by police and they surrounded the sound system. “

“People remained confused about what to do. They fell in the grass in the car. They picked up trash, but many, but not all. [were] I’m trying to pick it up. “

Criminal police officer Juliet Parker said in a statement: “Because of the unconscious behavior of many people, the majority traveled from outside the county.

“In a situation of this scale, our top priority should be the safety of the general public as well as on-site officers and paramedics,” she added.

“These individuals have shown that they are completely ignoring communities, local heritage, and existing COVID-19 regulations.”

“We will continue to investigate this illegal activity with the aim of arresting and prosecuting as much as possible.”

PA contributed to this report.

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