217 police stations in England and Wales have been closed in the last seven years, the LDP says

A total of 217 police stations and counters in England and Wales were closed between 2015 and 2021, according to figures obtained by the LDP under the Information Disclosure Act.

According to the party, especially in London and the southeast, Thames Valley police closed most sites at 23 stations and 44 counters, resulting in a “amazing decline.”

Sir Ed Davey, the leader of the party, called on voters to choose the Liberal Democratic Party in the 2022 British local elections scheduled for May 5, saying, “The closed police station has become a symbol of conservative criminal failure. “.

“Too many people are in danger in their city and too many criminals are avoiding it,” said the Liberal Democratic Party. “Police are visible, trusted and focused. We are calling for a return to appropriate community-based police activities. ” About crime reduction. “

“In May of this year, people have the opportunity to send [Prime Minister] A message from the Conservative Party of Boris Johnson. The Liberal Democratic Party vote is a vote for more investment in our police and youth services to help make our community safer, “Davie said.

Prior to local elections, the Liberal Democratic Party is promoting a three-point plan to crack down on crime and antisocial behavior.

This includes resurrecting “appropriate community-based police” where police officers are more prominent, trusted, and personally known to the locals. He said he would reverse the reduction in youth services by making an additional £ 500 million ($ 630 million) annually through the Ringfence Fund in local governments.

The party also wants to dismiss police and criminal commissioners and invest what they say is worth £ 50 million ($ 63 million) in frontline police and crime resolution savings.

Johnson promised to expand police by 20,000 and prisons by 10,000 in three years at the party’s manifesto in 2019.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry said the government “already exceeded half” of its 20,000 executive recruitment goal, “police are given the power, tools and funding needed to reduce crime.” Stated.

“Locally elected police and criminal commissioners and chief police officers are responsible for making decisions about their resources and property,” a spokesman said.

“But the police station, which is one of the many ways in which an incident can be reported, needs to be kept as open as possible so that people feel safe in the community.”

Lily Chow


Lily Zhou is a freelance writer who mainly covers the British news of The Epoch Times.