22 Pakistani Bus Accident Died-Kashmir Administration

On June 8, 2021, soldiers arrived to carry out rescue operations at the scene of a train collision in the Gotoki district of southern Pakistan. (Fareed Khan / AP Photo)

Muzaffarabad, Pakistan — At least 22 passengers were killed on Tuesday in Pakistan, Kashmir, after a bus slid down a mountain road into a deep canyon.

The accident happened in Pulandri, a district in the Himalayan region during the conflict in Kashmir, said senior police officer Fayyaz Abbasi. He also said several passengers were injured in the crash, rescuers carried the dead and injured in a nearby hospital.

It was not clear what caused the accident, and police feared that some of the injured would be listed in danger and that the death toll would increase.

Road accidents are common in mountainous areas of Kashmir and elsewhere in Pakistan, often due to poorly maintained vehicles and highways, and driver traffic rules are widely ignored.

Kashmir has been divided between Pakistan and neighboring India since its independence from British rule in 1947. Both countries have each insisted on Kashmir as a whole and have fought three wars over it.

Associated Press