25 fighters enter Taiwan’s defense zone in one day

The Chinese Communist Party administration identified 25 fighters in Taiwan’s air defense identification zone on October 1, a national holiday of China, to commemorate the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) hostile takeover of the mainland in the late 1940s. I flew to the sphere (ADIZ).

so statement The Taiwanese army, issued on Friday, said the fighters involved included 18 J-16 jets, 4 SU-30 planes, 2 H-6 bombers, and 1 anti-submarine. Said.

Taiwan responded to hostile actions by deploying air patrol units and tracking Chinese aircraft with its air defense system, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense said.

ADIZ is a specific territory beyond the sovereign territory of a country, which requires aircraft identification, location, and air traffic control for national security.

China has been sending military aircraft to the island, claiming to be part of its territory, almost every day for the past few years, intensifying military harassment through training.

The CCP claims that Taiwan has been self-governing since 1949 and is its territory, even though it has never ruled Taiwan.

Last week, the communist regime flew 24 fighters to Taiwan the day after the island nation applied for participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement (CPTPP). This is a trading group that China has also applied for participation.

J-16 fighter
A J-16 fighter of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army flies in a private location in the file photo. (Taiwan Ministry of Defense via AP)

Beijing’s largest daily military invasion sent 28 jets to Taiwan’s ADIZ after leaders of a group of seven industrialized nations issued a statement calling for a peaceful solution to the trans-Taiwan strait problem. It occurred on June 15th.

Friday’s military show of force was the second largest daily invasion since 28 jets broke through Taiwan’s air defense identification zone in June.

Beijing has labeled foreign government involvement with Taiwan as a challenge to its sovereignty. It is squeezing Taiwan’s international space and trying to isolate Asian democracy from global groups like the World Health Organization. China is also opposed to countries that want to build close ties with Taiwan, such as Lithuania and Japan, which donated vaccines to Taiwan this year.

Frank Yue contributed to this report.

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