3 sentenced to life in homeside murder as judge doubts London gang war is over

Three men who staged a gang attack on a rival in northwest London have been sentenced to life in prison for murdering a friend who was shot on the other side.

Last month, Issa Seed and Adel Yussuf, 25, and Daniel Mensah, 30, were found guilty of murdering their friend Billy “The Kid” McCullagh.

Judge Philip Katz, who sentenced the three on Thursday, said Makara was “memorialized.” YouTube videos This was “a bold and provocative celebration of his gangster lifestyle”.

“Police considered the video threatening and tried to remove it, but without success.”

The ‘lack of confidence’ war is over

The Makara trial said the Hello Road Boys and their allies had been involved in a gang feud with Stonebridge Sag since before 2018, leading to at least three murders.

“There will be little confidence that this war is over,” Katz warned Thursday.

The three were charged under the legal doctrine of “transferred malice”, which normally applies to innocent passers-by killed during attacks. shot back.

Old Bailey heard that Seed, Yusuf, Mensah, and McCuller were members of the Hallow Road Boys Gang and had launched an attack on a street rally of their rival Stonebridge thugs on the Harlesden estate. .

Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow (KC) said the attack ended in a “devastating defeat” for the Hello Road Boys, with McCullah being shot twice in the back.

Epoch Times photo
An undated photo of Billy McCara shot dead in Wembley, north-west London, in the early hours of July 16, 2020. (Metropolitan Police/PA)

The London Metropolitan Police have promised to find the shooter who killed Makara.

The court heard that the Harrow Road Boys launched a “surprise attack” on the Stonebridge gang in retaliation after 18-year-old Ahmed Yasin-Ali was stabbed to death.

Malice Forwarded

The three-month trial is believed to be the first of its kind in England and Wales.

Forwarded malice is a legal concept accepted in England and Wales, but is usually used to prosecute someone who kills a third party while attacking an intended target.

In 2005, four men were convicted of killing Letitia Shakespeare, 17, and Charlene Ellis, 18, in a drive-by shooting in Birmingham. In January 2003, the notorious Burger Bar Boys gang member Murderer Johnson opened fire on his crew rivals who were standing near Letitia and Charlene at a party at his salon. rice field.

In October 2007, Care Assistant Magda Pniewska was killed in a shootout while walking through a car park in New Cross, South East London. Eighteen-year-old Armel Her Nyango is sentenced to life in prison for her murder, even though the bullet that killed her was fired by an enemy of his. who were not caught.

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