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A 4-year-old dad murdered in Dallas apologizes for leaving a child

The father of a 4-year-old boy via Trevor Garnon was kidnapped from bed and died and abandoned on the streets of Dallas. Trevor Garnon, who says he will never allow his son and twin brothers to leave with friends while skipping town under a cloud of legal issues, says in his sister’s YouTube account that his son’s cash He apologized for not taking care of him and issued a recorded statement asking the general public not to overburden him. , Monica Sherod, and when he returned to Houston “especially after failing to hunt for a job,” he decided they should be with her. He talked about Cash and his brother Carter. He has not been harmed and is now with his mother. “They were comfortable, around the other kids, and apparently Monica was a credible person. On May 15, a boy sneaked into Cash and Carter’s bedroom at Sherod’s house and was still asleep. An intruder was caught on a baby monitor camera that lifted him from the bed. Two hours later, a passerby found the child’s body being thrown on the street. Police said he had been stabbed. Sherod’s family 18-year-old Darin Brown, who has an ambiguous relationship with, has been accused of kidnapping and robbery, but police are waiting for the results of a forensic examination to make a murder decision. Investigators are motivated. Brown’s mother said she believed her son was framed. Sherod told reporters that Jernon had left town after being ordered to rehabilitate by a court. Crime Online said. , Obtained a court record showing some unresolved accusations against Gernon in Harris County. Gernon said in the record: The loss of my little boy. “He said Did not reveal whereabouts or legal status. Weeping from time to time, I was liable for the failure to protect the twins. “He said. “I will never forgive myself. If possible, I will go back and change everything. This is a nightmare that will not disappear even if I open my eyes in the morning. I will ask us why this happens to such a bright and energetic child. I don’t know. “To Melinda Seagroves, the boy’s mother, he added: As the Daily Beast reported, Garnon has accumulated a series of arrests over the years and served 68 days in the county lockup for the 2018 assault. To his father during a debate over credit card billing. A strange new turn in the case of 4-year-old cash Garnon He did not appear on March 29, 2021 after being charged with felony drug possession last November. Therefore, we confiscated $ 10,000 bond payments. An arrest warrant was issued. Johnny Flanagan, who gave him a job in the store until his son fell to Jenon, told The Daily Beast: Blow, you know, and he will do good for months, and bad for months, and you know, just stand up and disappear. In the recording, Garnon begged for mercy in a public opinion court. I barely survived the day when I didn’t take me to a dark place, “he said. “I hope you all understand how vulnerable and how quickly things turn upside down …” “We all work together to ensure that Cash gets the justice he deserves.” I hope we can unite. ” Put our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.