30 people killed in Sindh clash

Pakistan map

Pakistan map

Two passenger trains collided in southern Pakistan, killing at least 30 people and injuring dozens.

Authorities said one train had derailed and a second train had collided with it and capsized in the country’s Sindh province.

Rescue teams have taken the injured to a nearby hospital and several are believed to be in critical condition.

Pakistan has had a series of fatal train accidents in recent years.

High-ranking officials in the Ghotki district reportedly said that eight passenger cars had been destroyed, making it difficult to rescue trapped passengers.

The cause of the derailment is not clear.

Hospitals in the area have issued emergency alerts to deal with casualties.

The incident occurred early Monday morning when the Mirato Express from Karachi derailed. The Sir Sayed Express from Rawalpindi collided with it and capsized.

Railroad accidents are not uncommon in Pakistan, often due to derailments and collisions at unmanned railroad crossings.

Rail travel is a very popular travel method in Pakistan, especially among middle-income and low-income groups, with railroad tracks running across the country.

However, vehicles are often full and many trains are in poor condition.

According to officials, the three main causes of Pakistani train accidents are poor track maintenance, signal problems and old engines.

Trains are often packed with far more passengers than designed, resulting in a large number of casualties.

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