300,000 Koreans oppose the planned revision of the nationality law and are concerned about the penetration of the Chinese Communist Party

The Korean Ministry of Justice plans to simplify the naturalization process for children of foreign permanent residents in order to resolve the sustained decline in population growth.

According to the MOJ database, 95% of the people who will benefit from this amendment are Chinese. Many Koreans are concerned about the political motivation behind this amendment. Recently, more than 300,000 Korean citizens have petitioned at Cheong Wa Dae to oppose the bill.

Recent controversies between South Korea and China include the origin of Korean kimchi, ancient clothing, and historical figures. Cancellation of the Australian SBS TV series “Joseon Exorcist”, which has been accused of twisting history. Projects such as the construction of a luxury hotel exclusively for Chinese tourists and Chinatown in Gangwon-do.

95% of those who will benefit from the amendment are Chinese.

The Ministry of Finance plans to introduce a “simple nationality acquisition policy” in the amendment on April 28th. Children over the age of 7 can apply for naturalization if they have lived in the country for at least 5 years, and children under the age of 6 can be naturalized as well, but there is no requirement.

It is also emphasized that more than two generations of the family will prioritize the children of permanent residents born in South Korea and foreigners with whom they have close pedigree and historical relationships.

Holders of Chinese nationality will benefit most from now on. According to MOJ, this amendment qualifies 3,930 children for immediate naturalization. Nearly 95% of them are Chinese, followed by Taiwanese (5.11%) and Russians (0.1%). In addition, more than 700 people are expected to be granted citizenship.

Opposition to South Korea

Concerns over foreign invasions and fraudulent elections have led 317,000 Koreans to sign a national petition against the bill.

“It is ridiculous to solve the problem of declining birthrate and aging population by amending the nationality law,” he said in the complaint. “Foreigners are easier to buy real estate than Koreans and have the advantage of running for elections.” .. Meanwhile, the government is ignoring the demands of its citizens. “

“Koreans should protect and maintain our patriotism and national pride from the invasion of foreign propaganda.”

Many Koreans supported the statement and urged the South Korean government to “stop selling our country to the Chinese Communist Party.”

Hearing accused of ignoring public opinion

On May 26, the Ministry of Finance held an online hearing on the amendment.

In response, on May 28, People’s Party leader Ahn Cheol-soo pointed out on Facebook that the biggest drawback of the amendment is that it is primarily Chinese nationals who will benefit.

“this [proposed measure] We are benefiting the Chinese people through the amendments, “he wrote. “Is the government really thinking about the future of South Korea? I want you to listen to the voices of the people.”

Ministry of Finance response

At a press conference on May 28, the Treasury denied that the bill was amended for the benefit of the Chinese.

The Treasury says that while foreigners will be granted citizenship, they will also have appropriate responsibilities such as taxation and military service, and these proposed measures will change the “pedigree” that is the basis of nationality law. Claims not. Its citizenship is determined or acquired by the nationality of one or both parents.

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