300,000 trucks of U.S. military planes ahead of reported Pelosi visit to Taiwan

On Tuesday morning, more than 320,000 people were chasing a US military plane believed to be transporting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, California) to Taiwan.

There were rumors that Pelosi was on board a US Air Force aircraft, SPAR19, which flew out of Malaysia on Tuesday with no destination listed. The aircraft’s destination was updated to Taipei as it passed through the Philippines.

There is no confirmation that Pelosi was on board, and the plane could be a decoy.Pelosi is not Be expected According to Taiwanese media, it is expected to arrive in Taiwan by Tuesday evening local time.

Even so the plane caught The imagination of worried China watchers. His Flightradar24, a popular aircraft tracking website, announced The “unprecedented” interest in aircraft has put a strain on the servers, temporarily making the website unavailable.

The speculation follows the White House’s confirmation on Monday that Pelosi has traveled to Southeast Asia using military aircraft.

John Kirby, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, said at a news conference on Aug. It is.”

“Part of our responsibility is to make sure she travels safely and securely, and I can ensure she does.”

It is common for parliamentarians to visit Taipei, and there have been many such occasions this year. However, the last time a sitting chairman visited Taiwan was in 1997.

The reported trip has become something of a drum for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which has used the trip to unleash a barrage of militant threats.

During a phone call last week between President Joe Biden and Chinese Communist Party President Xi Jinping, Xi reportedly told Biden that “playing with fire will catch fire.”

Similarly, Chinese state media took to social media to call for Pelosi to shoot down the plane if she visited Taiwan.

The US and China have since betrayed the tensions they feel by moving military assets toward the region around Taiwan.

Many experts believe that the CCP’s threat is hollow and intended only to influence US policy without actually using diplomacy. Still, the White House warned that such situations could all too easily lead to misunderstandings and catastrophic incidents.

“While a direct attack is less likely, it does increase the risk of miscalculation and confusion that can lead to unintended consequences,” Kirby said Monday.

Kirby added that the United States is wary of increased military provocations by the Chinese Communist Party, including air and sea activity and missile launches.

He said the CCP could repeat its actions in 1995 and 1996. At this time, the CCP launched missiles into the waters around Taiwan after it was announced that Taiwan’s president would visit his home. alma mater in the United States.

Chinese Communist Party officials have made a series of all-out, belligerent threats to the United States to dissuade Pelosi from visiting, and how far the regime can go with its rhetoric without losing face internationally. It is unknown if this is possible.

China’s leaders are concerned that such visits will strengthen ties between Taiwan and the United States and legitimize Taiwan as an independent state.

The Chinese Communist Party maintains that Taiwan is a separate province that must be integrated with the mainland through the use of force if necessary. Taiwan has maintained its autonomy since her 1949, has never been under the control of the Chinese Communist Party, and boasts a thriving democratic government and market economy.

Andrew Thornbrook


Andrew Thornbrook is a reporter for The Epoch Times, covering China-related issues with a focus on defense, military and national security. He has an MA in Military History from Norwich University.

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