31 people were hospitalized after a chemical leak near a children’s pool at Six Flags Water Park, Texas

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor waterslides and palm trees.

Location of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, California, next to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Business Wire / Associated Press

  • Dozens of people were hospitalized due to a chemical leak at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown near Houston.

  • About 60 people were decontaminated after experiencing skin irritation and respiratory problems.

  • The leak is under investigation, but authorities believe the chemicals were bleach and sulfuric acid.

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Thirty-one people were hospitalized after being exposed to chemicals on Saturday afternoon at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown in Spring, Texas. Said..

A total of about 60 people were affected and experienced respiratory problems and skin irritation.

“What started as a fun family day has become a very nightmare for many families,” said Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. Press conference..

She said the leak started near a children’s pool, lifeguards got sick first, and more and more people got sick.

“The kids got out of the pool with respiratory problems,” she said. “In the end, it became very clear that there was something in the environment or water that was sickening these children, these families.”

The Harris County Fire Department’s HAZMAT team and pollution control department responded to the leak. Water and air samples were taken, but Hidalgo said everything seemed to be acceptable.

Spring firefighters decontaminated more than 60 people, rinsed their eyes under the hose of a fire engine and massaged them, said fire chief Scott Syfeld. New York Times..Department store Said The 55 decontaminated refused to transport ambulances to the hospital.

A park near Houston was ordered to evacuate and close as an investigation was underway.

TheĀ· Fire Marshal Office He said the chemicals that seemed to be involved were bleach and sulfuric acid. The cause of the leak is still unknown, but a fire department spokesman told the Times that he didn’t believe it was intentional.

Hidalgo said researchers are looking at a system that automatically administers chemicals to water to maintain a pH balance of 7. However, when tested, she added that the water sample had the proper pH balance.

She said the child, who was initially in the “most serious situation”, is now stable in the hospital. She also said that one of the people transferred to the hospital was a pregnant woman who appeared to be in labor.

In a statement provided to the Times, Six Flags said, “Some few guests in the park reported feeling sick due to respiratory inflammation.”

“The safety of guests and team members has always been our number one priority, and the park was cleared as soon as we tried to determine the cause,” the company said, saying the park was closed that day.

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