35-hour Olympic trip from Argentina to Tokyo

There is no easy way from Argentina to Japan. The Associated Press photographer Natacha Pisarenko’s trip was more complicated than in most cases.

From full-body protective clothing worn by fellow travelers in Buenos Aires to the long hours waiting for COVID-19 test results at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, the approximately 35-hour journey to Pisarenko’s 2020 Summer Olympics is more than most of the time. Was long, but otherwise typical. For thousands of athletes, officials and the media landing in the Japanese capital this week.

The opening ceremony is a few days away, and a large number of foreigners are arriving despite the emergency caused by the surge in COVID-19. Visitors are subject to strict protection protocols that begin testing 96 hours before flight and continue throughout their stay.

Trekking in Pisarenko began in Buenos Aires, stopped in Frankfurt, Germany, and was on its way to Japan. Masks were mandatory throughout, but some travelers took special precautions. Some in Buenos Aires wore protective coveralls, gloves and a plastic face shield. At least one was wearing a bodysuit during the flight to Frankfurt.

At Haneda Airport, several steps awaited, including saliva virus testing, document verification, and Olympic credentials. The bus took Pisarenko to a taxi, which finally took her to the hotel. The small room fits little with her clothes and equipment, but the windows give a pleasant view of the city at sunset.

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