4 Death when the stand collapses during a Colombian bullfight


Bogotá, Colombia — Part of a wooden stand collapsed during a bullfighting in central Colombia on Sunday, spectators plunged into the ground, killing at least four people and injuring hundreds, officials said.

The disaster took place at a stadium in the city of El Espinal, Trima, during a traditional event called “Korareha” where the general public enters the ring to engage a bull.

A video shot during the bullfighting shows that the multi-layered section of the stand is collapsing when people shout.

“We have rejuvenated Trima’s hospital network,” Trima Governor Jose Ricardo Orosco told local Blue Radio. “At this point, four women, a man and two minors, have died.”

Mayor Juan Carlos Tamayo said 800 spectators were sitting in the collapsed section.

Late Sunday, Health Minister Martha Palacios of Trima said at a news conference that after the collapse, 322 people went to local public and private hospitals for treatment. According to Palacio, the minor who died was an 18-month-old baby.

In addition to the four dead, another four were receiving intensive care and the other two recovered from surgery.

Orosco said he called for the traditional “Kora Lehas” to be suspended at Trima at the beginning of Sunday, but this was held anyway.

President Gustavo Petro pointed out that this was not the first time such an incident had occurred and urged local authorities to ban such incidents.

“I ask the mayor not to allow any further events involving the death of humans or animals,” he said.

Twitter’s current president, Ivan Duque, has announced a disaster investigation.

“We mourn the horrific tragedy registered during the San Pedro and San Juan festivals at El Espinal in Trima. The stand collapsed during Coraleja. Call for investigation.”

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