4-year-old Texas preschooler dies of COVID within hours of first symptoms


Karra Harwood / GoFundMe

Karra Harwood / GoFundMe

Texas preschooler died COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Within hours of the first fever this week, her family says. Kali Cook, 4, died in sleep early Tuesday morning, about five hours after the fever was found, said her mother, Kara Harwood. Houston Chronicle..

“Kari was perfectly fine, and she left,” her mother reportedly said. “She took very fast.”

A preschooler at Kenneth E. Little Elementary School in Bacliff had a fun night with his family within 12 hours before becoming the youngest child to die of the virus in Galveston County.

Cali had just started preschool last month. She loved it and told her mother, “I can’t wait to go to school.”

A violent 4-year-old child died just one day after learning that his mother, siblings, and five-month-old sister were infected. The family is currently isolated at home.

The Galveston County Health Department confirmed that the girl who died of COVID-19 died on Tuesday morning and called it “the first person under the age of 10” in the county.

Desperate fight for a 6 year old life after COVID

Neither Harwood County nor Galveston County health officials know where Curly was infected with the virus. Health officials have questioned the possibility of Curly contracting it in the classroom.

As the family pierced the house, economic reality began to permeate. Harwood has launched a GoFundMe page to help with Cali’s funeral and medical payments. So far, they have raised $ 16,568 out of the $ 20,000 target. In the description box on the page, Harwood wrote Kali’s “heart was too pure for this cruel world,” stating that the family was collectively “broken and lost” as they tried to overcome their sorrows. I will explain.

The donation page is full of comments to do the best for your family. “Pro-Vax or Anti-Vax, you won’t lose a child at such a young age. We deeply apologize for the loss,” writes Rene Ureta.

Cali’s tragic death occurs in a massive surge of delta variants that has plagued infants at a much higher rate than expected. As of September 10, at least 2,384 children were infected with COVID-19 in the state, according to the Texas Department of Health.

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