40 Quebec Ambulance Service for emergency medical strikes, want to raise salary


Montreal — Rescuers working at 40 Quebec ambulance services across the state, including the state capital, launched a strike on July 1.

Daniel Schinard, chairman of the union representing emergency care, states that the state’s Basic Services Act does not affect the level of care provided to patients.

On strike, he says, rescue workers will not perform certain tasks, such as limiting the amount of time non-urgent services such as billing and returning patients from the hospital are provided.

Chouinard states that the union wants the same salaries and severance conditions as other health care workers in the state.

A union representing 2,500 pre-hospital service workers, including emergency medical care, has been in talks with the state government since September 2021.

Outside the cities of Montreal and Laval, Quebec’s ambulance services are provided by private companies that have contracts with local health authorities, but salaries are set by the state.

“Basically, we want salaries to catch up and be on par with police officers, firefighters and nurses. We are an emergency service and we want equality in it.” Chouinard said in an interview.

By Ugo Giguère

Canadian press