4,300 veterans slamming letters back to Biden “the elite who drove us into a 20-year war”


One of the country’s largest veterans’ groups upheld President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and blamed the “elite who pushed us into a 20-year war without achievable military missions.” Brought.

group, Voting beast ticketIssued an open letter to the President on Friday, signed by 4,300 veterans. 150 of them served in Afghanistan.

“We, the signatories, are determined to support President Biden’s decision to end the war in Afghanistan,” the letter read. “There is no clear way to get out of the civil war in another country, especially when one government collapses and another comes to power. The image from Afghanistan is particularly traumatic for us who served there.”

The group called on Biden to “learn” from the situation and focus on “all Americans” and the safe evacuation of tens of thousands of Afghans, especially those who died for the United States. Do exactly that and expect and expect us to continue to see progress in that regard. All Americans will want to see it. “

However, the letter concludes with harsh criticism of “the elite who pushed us into a 20-year war without achievable military missions” and “cannot be exaggerated to comment on what is happening now.” I demanded that.

“Let’s be clear. Those who have involved us in this turmoil have no right to say a word about how we get out of the turmoil. President Biden says this withdrawal is clean or perfect. Knowing that there wasn’t, he made a very tough call. He is clearing up the terrible situation caused by the aforementioned people and is dealing with the terrible agreement struck by the previous administration and the Taliban. ” .. “Our support for the president’s resignation decision is as determined as ever. No matter how many people in the Chattering class want to claim something else, that’s right.”

As of Friday, the White House estimated that the military had evacuated 9,000 Americans, Afghans, and third-country citizens since August 14, and about 14,000 from the end of July. In addition, 11 more evacuation flights have departed from Hamid Karzai International Airport in the last 24 hours, and White House officials have confirmed that these numbers are not included in the previous total number of evacuation.

Military was forced to suspend evacuation flights on Friday morning after several third countries, including Qatar and Germany, refused to accept additional Afghan refugees, but officials temporarily suspended early Friday afternoon. Confirmed that the suspension was released.

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The president will speak on Friday afternoon about the evacuation at the White House. You can see his remarks in full below.

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