49ers are fans in a coma after being apparently beaten outside the SoFi stadium during the NFC Championship

Los Angeles, CA-January 30: View of the empty SoFi Stadium before Rams plays 49ers in the NFC Championship on Sunday, January 30, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA.  (Allen J. Shaven / Los Angeles Times)

View of the empty SoFi stadium before Rams will face the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship on Sunday. (Allen J. Shaven / Los Angeles Times)

Police are investigating the apparent beatings of San Francisco 49ers fans who were seriously injured in the parking lot of SoFi Stadium during the NFC Championship Game with the Rams on Sunday.

Auckland restaurant owner Daniel Luna remains admitted to the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where Inglewood police said he was in a medically-induced coma.

Luna, 40, was found on the ground by a rescuer at the Los Angeles Fire Department at the stadium. Lot L Around 4 pm, 30 minutes after the Rams-49ers contest, Inglewood Police Lieutenant Jeffrey Meeks said. Luna wore a San Francisco jersey and black trousers, Meeks said.

Harbor-UCLA emergency room staff pointed out a wound suggesting that Luna had been attacked and contacted Inglewood police later that night.

“They believe he suffered a stadium assault on his upper body and facial areas,” Meeks said. He said the detective is working with stadium staff to determine what happened to Luna.

“We rely heavily on video to identify the parties involved,” he said. “We are not going to leave the stone as it is.”

With over 70,000 participants on Sunday, Rams saw the best 49ers on 20-17 and proceeded to the Super Bowl on February 13th at SoFi Stadium. Many San Francisco fans were expecting the wives of some LA players. campaign On social media to distribute tickets to Rams supporters.

A stadium spokesman refused to comment on Luna’s case because of a police investigation.

Luna grew up in the Bay Area and owns Peruvian fusion restaurant Mistura on Piemont Avenue in Oakland.this is Website Wednesday indicated that it was temporarily closed. Luna’s wife was in the hospital with him, and she said on a short phone, she was too angry to speak.

Luna flew to LA and joined the game alone after cancellations by other fans accompanying him, said Vernon Hill, a friend of Auckland who is in contact with his family. He said Luna usually recorded his outings with photos and shared them with his friends and relatives, but they did not receive regular photos on Sunday night.

He said he still had a watch, purse and phone when Luna was taken to the hospital, suggesting that the robbery was not the motive. Police said they could not confirm those details.

Authorities had not issued an official statement about the attack until the Times tried to verify Hill’s account.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” Hill said. “They have a Super Bowl there.”

Luna’s injury situation is one of the darkest days in LA sports history Brutal 2011 beating San Francisco Giants fans Brian Stowe Located in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium.The two men Convicted With an attack that left the paramedic Stowe injured in the brain.

So far in the survey, Meeks said, “We haven’t found any information,” suggesting that Luna was aiming to become a 49ers fan.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..