5 Downing Street Aide resigns within 24 hours

Four senior aides in Downing Street resigned on Thursday, followed by junior aides on Friday.

No. 10 policymaker Munilla Mirza first resigned Thursday because Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not apologize for his “cunning” remarks to Sir Kia Starmer of the Labor Party, the leader of the opposition. ..

Following Mirza’s departure, Downing Street Director of Communications Jack Doyle resigned on Thursday. Martin Reynolds, Johnson’s main secretary. Dan Rosenfield, Chief of Staff No. 10.

Elena Narosansky, a junior aide and education policy specialist, resigned on Friday morning.

According to the Daily Mail, where Doyle had previously worked, Doyle told his colleagues that he had “severely sacrificed” his family life in the past few weeks and emphasized that he always intended to quit his job two years later.

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Boris Johnson helps you leave Downing Street. (PA graphics)

Mirza’s role was swiftly fulfilled by Conservative Andrew Griffiths, but No. 10 said he was very disappointed that he had lost Johnson’s longtime ally.

Downing Street said the departure of Doyle, Reynolds and Rosenfield was decided before Mirza suddenly resigned with “mutual” consent, and Reynolds and Rosenfield would continue until a replacement was found. Reynolds is expected to return to his role in the Foreign Ministry, said a 10th spokeswoman.

“These three departures were agreed with the Prime Minister prior to yesterday’s departure from Munira. The same is not true for Narosansky, who reportedly pledged allegiance to Mirza on Friday by a Johnson spokesman. Before clarifying, he said that these were mutual decisions.

The work safety of Doyle, Reynolds and Rosenfield was previously caught up in the “party gate” crisis in Downing Street, where a series of rule-breaking parties and rallies were allegedly held during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus blockade. Was speculated.

Doyle reportedly attended at least two rallies, but after sending an invitation to a garden party to “bring his own drink” to about 100 staff in May 2020, “Party” It was called “Marty”. Rally. The White House Chief of Staff, Sue Gray, also said in her report on the investigation into the rally, after criticizing some of No. 10 and the Cabinet Office for “leadership and judgment failure.” Was accused.

Huw Merriman, chairman of the Transport Select Commission’s Conservative Party, said on a BBC Radio 4 today show that the prime minister should shape or ship, but energy minister Greg Hands said on the same show. “There was a change at the top of No. 10 on Monday, and that’s what he offered,” said Johnson.

Johnson confirmed that after the four senior aides had left, he gathered Downing Street staff and said, “The change is good,” his official spokesman confirmed.

“Looking back on the privilege of working at address 10 to serve the people of Britain, the Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to serve the people by keeping people safe, improving their lives and expanding opportunities. “.

“As he reiterated to the team today, there is important work to do, whether it’s the situation in Ukraine or a recovery from a pandemic, as the Prime Minister started yesterday, issues such as living expenses. “

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A dateless photo of Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaving London’s 10 Downing Street. (Jonathan Brady / PA)

Johnson has been pressured to resign the party’s claims by the opposition and some of his own backbenchers.

So far, 13 Conservative lawmakers have publicly called for Mr Johnson to resign. The number of people who sent distrust letters to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee, a committee of all Backbench Conservatives, is unknown.

54 characters are required to trigger a vote, and 180 votes of distrust resolution are required to expel Johnson.

Jimmy Savile Remarks

The two government ministers are also keeping a distance from Johnson’s remarks about Starmer.

In a fierce exchange on January 31 at the House of Commons on Gray’s report, Johnson took the time to “prosecute journalists and not Jimmy Savile”, one of Britain’s most vicious persons. He accused the former prosecutor, the leader of the opposition party, for using it. A sex offender before he died in 2011.

As the director of the public prosecutor’s office, Starmer apologized for not prosecuting Saville on behalf of the public prosecutor’s office in 2013. However, there is no evidence that he played a personal role in the failure.

Johnson later revealed that his comments referred to the public apology of the former prosecutor, but could not apologize to Starmer.

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, one of the potential successors to Johnson, told reporters Thursday that he would not have made such a comment.

“To be honest, I wouldn’t say that, and I’m glad the Prime Minister made clear what he meant.”

Forced to see if Mr Johnson thought he should apologize, he said it was a “question to the prime minister.”

Friday’s health minister, Sajid Javid, said Starmer “did a good job” as the prosecutor’s chief, worthy of “absolute respect.”

“But the Prime Minister also came out and clarified those statements, and that’s important,” he told Sky News.

Alexander Zhang and PA contributed to this report.

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