5 Held during investigation of deadly police station attack

Paris-French officials detained a fifth person on Sunday in an anti-terrorism investigation attempting to identify potential accomplices and motives after police officers were fatally stabbed at a police station outside Paris.

French police killed a 37-year-old Tunisian attacker shortly after stabbing an unarmed administrative officer at the entrance to her police station in the town of Rambouillet on Friday.

At a press conference on Sunday, anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricardo said police were asking the suspect’s cousin.

According to Ricard, the suspect’s father, the couple who provided him with the address of the postal service and other government agencies, and another cousin were also cross-examined.

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After a 49-year-old female police officer was stabbed inside a station by Islamic extremists who were shot dead by police on the scene in France, police officers gather outside the Rambouillet police station in southwestern Paris. April 23, 2021. (Michel Euler / AP Photo)

The victim, a national police officer, left the station to extend the time with a parking meter, was chased into the invasion area, and was stabbed by an attacker. He was then shot dead by a police officer.

According to Ricard, an attacker identified by authorities as Jamel G. illegally invaded France in 2009 and was given residence documents at the end of 2019. According to his father, he was practicing Muslims, Ricard added.

Evidence found on his cell phone showed that he had stakeout the police station in advance and heard a religious song instigating “jihad” shortly before the attack. Witnesses heard him say “Allahu Akbar!” During the attack, he said in Arabic, “God is wonderful.”

Ricard emphasized that there was no evidence of criminal records or extremism and that investigations were being conducted to “work closely” with Tunisian judiciary to determine if people helped or stimulated the attackers. ..

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