5 Things Democrats Should Do Now to Save Democracy from Republicans

Chip Somode Villa / Getty

Chip Somode Villa / Getty

What the Democratic Party wants to do To save our democracy, And how far are they going? That’s the question they have to answer now, but there’s still time to protect our flaws and vulnerable democracy. Radical and anti-majority Republicans Eager to overturn the political process to carry out Domination by a minority of white Christians..

For the past few months, Democrats have been threatened by this day Former president talks about how his office was stolen from him And His former National Security Adviser calling for a coup While Party lawmakers will do their best to investigate any investigation into the January 6 riots— It’s just a rhetoric of strong language and a waving finger.

But then the Texas Democrats kicked the wasp’s nest and left the Texas House of Representatives. Temporarily block voting on dangerous Republican voter restraint billIt was then signed by over 100 prominent democratic scholars. “Expression of concern” Congress calls for “whatever is necessary to pass national voting and election control standards, including the suspension of filibuster.” And finally, President Biden appointed Vice President Harris to lead efforts to counter Republican voter oppression, proclaiming in June: “Month of action” In a speech commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre. It’s a start.

The “Month of Action” should have started in January, shortly after his inauguration, but democracy itself is running out of time as it competes for the mid-2022 period. Warning statement You might think, but listen to Larry Sabato, director of the UVA Political Center and one of the signatories of the statement. “This isn’t just the threat of an attempted coup d’etat like January 6. In 2024, the Republican-controlled state legislature cast an electoral college vote on the winner of the general vote (forged” fraud “. (Because), there is a possibility of a quiet coup d’etat to appoint Republican electors instead in the fierce battle state. “

Democrats finally step up and defeat Texas Jim Crow Law

That is not inevitable. If Mr. Biden is serious about “fighting desperately” against the Republican’s full-scale attack on democracy, here are five things the party must do to save it: List.

1.Defeat Filibuster: I wrote Kill filibuster beforeHowever, this Jim Crow relic, which Republicans used to hijack the will of the minority, hinder progress, and turn the Senate into a legislative graveyard, must reach a swift and sneaky end. Obama Like the president, Senator Mitch McConnell “100%” Interfering with President Biden’s entire agenda. Republican Zero voted for Biden’s bailout bill during a deadly pandemic, McConnell called on Republican senators for “personal support,” killing a proposed bipartisan committee, killing five And investigated the January 6 riot that others were trying to lynch Vice President Mike. Pence abandoned the Constitution and refused to declare that Donald Trump had won the apparently defeated race.

Anyone who isn’t named Trump will do it if he intends to sacrifice Pence. If people show you the 4,080th self, believe it.

Biden only needs 50 votes in the Senate to kill Filibuster, but unfortunately, thanks to Senator Joe Manchin, who is permanently active, it can’t be good. “I’m deeply disappointed with the Republican Party and I’m not going to do anything.” Nonetheless, I believe in the magical unicorn known as bipartisan and the Kristen Cinema, which so far seems to be the only talent she has. Significant lack of accountability And the reaction of tone deafness to progressive causes. Vote for and Curtsy Wearing a Lululemon bag will increase the minimum wage. One way to move these two useless archaic moderation vessels is to legally bribe them and give them extravagant attention and pork to help their state. Alternatively, Biden gives a bad cop. You can act and join a progressive choir and openly asham them. From the Democratic Party.

It’s time for Democrats to frankly ask Manchin and Cinema why they support Jim Crow Law to suppress the black and brown voters who contributed to Biden’s victory.

2. Be flexible in your power. Did you know that the Democrats now dominate the White House and the House of Representatives and hold a tiebreaker in the 50-50 Senate? Lament coming. You don’t have to predict who will win in the end.Mr Biden and his team predict that his popular policies and public tone may barely win in 2022 and 2024, but why our democracy and millions Will it be safe and calm against aggressive extremist parties that threaten human rights? The Democratic Party of Texas oppresses oppressive voters who could jeopardize the holiness of the 2022 election When they temporarily blocked the bill, they showed the party how the party was done. They said so. Send a “very clear” message to President Biden: “We need a nationwide response to federal voting rights.”

Nome Eisen, a senior researcher in governance research at the Brookings Institution and an expert in law, ethics, and anti-corruption, praised the Texas Democratic Party and their actions were “absolute” for the Democratic Party to move forward. “It should be a role model.” “Is it wrong to do one thing they have power? No, it was. You have to fight with all the tools you have.” He put on an “activist’s hat” and told me.

Another tool the Democrats have is the majority of parliament in the House of Representatives, which provides oversight. “Republicans are arsonists on the scene of crime, and Democrats in Congress have the ability and authority to use means of surveillance in ways they see fit,” said a DCCC adviser and former Republican official. One Kurt Verdella told me .. He told me that the Democrats would issue more than 100 summons, countless testimonies, and wasteful and lengthy hearings about Bengaji and Clinton’s emails during the Obama era. He said he only needed to see that he was the majority. Just to attack her presidential election, Kevin McCarthy’s own confession in 2015. He said these hearings were successful in damaging Obama, changing the story in favor of the GOP, and harming Clinton during the 2016 elections.

For Trump and his aides, there is real evidence of criminal activity that requires legitimate surveillance and investigation. Speaker of the House Pelosi abandoned hopes of conducting a bipartisan investigation into the January 6 riot, issued a subpoena to the Democratic Party, instigated the mob, and summoned witnesses to hold the Republican colleagues in support. You have to start the investigation yourself. Democrats need to use all the means of surveillance they have at their disposal to bring transparency and accountability to Trump’s misconduct, criminal activity, and abuse of power, and to drag accomplices along the way. “Time is running out,” says Verdella. “History will repeat and will probably be even worse and more violent.”

Filibuster cannot be “modified”-it must be naked

3. Media blitzkrieg. Democrats appear in the media every day and simply say they are aggressively attacking our democracy, including support for the deadly riots of January 6 on how Republicans are radical parties. I need to convey a message. They need to remind voters that Republicans have refused to vote for bipartisan committees to investigate the rebellion and that Republicans have voted for zero. People are capricious and short-term memory, Republicans are angry, headed, produced attention and won votes by Mr. Potato Head, critical racial theory, call-out culture, and rage about “awakened” companies This must be done on an ongoing basis as it is good at doing.

“It is imperative for voters to understand how critical the situation is. Our democratic system is confused or declining,” said Biden’s recent statement in Tulsa. Said his comment on Memorial Day “Democracy itself is at stake.” Was the beginning, but its rhetoric must be strengthened and overwhelmed over and over again.

Unfortunately, the media has two sides: a right-wing reverberation room centered around Fox News, and a neutral referee to enhance and enable malicious actors who foster lies and conspiracy theories. It’s a “two-sided” news operation that forces you to become. It gaslights the nation and undermines the democracy in front of you. Journalists must decide whether to allow themselves and the platform to be used to accelerate attacks on democracy, or to bias in maintaining and protecting democracy. .. They actively urge all Republican elected officials to explain why they and their colleagues support the regressive voter oppression law, support big lie, and associate with militia militias. is needed. All Republican officials must be asked if they believe Joe Biden is president and if he won the election. Believe it or not, OANN, Newsmax, Not all Republicans can do well with Steve Bannon’s podcast alone, so these politicians need these media to win voters.

Four. Supporting Black Women and Their Grassroots Leadership: Stacey Abrams and Georgia. I closed the case. If that wasn’t enough, he spoke to strategist Steve Schale, who helped Obama win twice in Florida, and told the AP: “Black women are in state-wide elections. The ideal alliance of the Democratic Party can be rallyed towards: older black strategists, younger strategists across races and ethnicities In metropolitan areas, lines, urban white liberals, and a sufficient number of white moderates, Especially for women. ”Last year I wrote an article telling the Democratic Party: Stop chasing Amy, The mythical Rust Belt moderates white voters, begins investing in black women, and promotes black women as Democratic candidates. This is what is happening now in local and state-wide offices, and these women could help bring the Democrats the coveted victory in competitive elections. According to Sher, black women “Can be rebuilt [Obama’s coalition] Better than anyone else “

Five. Build a “grand coalition”. Speaking of the coalition, Eisen agreed with my list, but said he needed to wear a “scholar’s hat” and added yet another suggestion. It’s about building a “grand coalition” with Republicans like Congressman Liz Cheney. I reminded him that she was recently “stopped” by her own party to confront Trump and that “moderate Republicans” are now an endangered species. He recently reported on the Brookings Report. I answered by quoting the book. Democracy playbookThis can only be withstood if a “regressive democracy” like the United States forms a “grand coalition centered on the idea of ​​democracy itself and willing to commit to it.” This means, in our case, joining forces with Republicans, like Cheney and Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

The foundation of the GOP has become even more radical, and I believe it is best represented by three Stuges, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and white nationalist Paul Gosar, so I believe this “grand coalition”. We do not share Eisen’s optimism about the creation of “. But if it is necessary to align with Chaine to save our democracy, then that” grand coalition “will bring true fairness and progress. That’s fine, unless you compromise on a progressive platform that fights for the policies you bring and continues to advocate.

Biden and the Democrats could be the last chance to save democracy and at the same time promote progressive values, but they stopped playing well and, in the end, they still have You have to give up and use the power that people have trusted while you are there. It is done by the necessary legal means.

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