5 ways to support the anti-coup movement on the ground in Myanmar

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On April 1, 2021, a copy of the 2008 Constitution was burned during a demonstration against a military coup in Yangon’s South Okkalapa District, and protesters salute with three fingers. Photo by STR / AFP via Getty Images

  • More than 600 people have died in Myanmar since the military coup d’etat in February.

  • Despite targeted military violence, civil disobedience protests and actions continue nationwide.

  • This is a collection of ways you can help people fighting for democracy in Myanmar.

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Over 600 people were killed Since then in Myanmar The national military has announced that it will take over for at least a year February 1st, more than 2 months ago.

Military security forces continue to escalate violence, The number of deaths increases every day. Dozens of children were killed -Some at home-and the Political Prisoner Support Association estimates that more than 2,000 people have been detained.

Still, anti-coup protests and demonstrations continue to bring Burmese people across the country to the stage. Civil disobedience And endanger their lives against the newly discovered, but unfamiliar military regime.

Even before the pandemic and subsequent coups, Myanmar was a poor country and was on the path to quasi-democracy after the transition from military domination to free elections in 2011.

However, the February coup and the resulting unrest put the country in turmoil and endangered the people.

Here are five ways you can help help people on the ground in Myanmar right now.

Donate directly to a local organization in Myanmar

The· Committee on behalf of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Is a democratically elected legislature of the country and is currently in exile since the coup. This GoFundMe account is run by the Citizen of Burma Award Organization and aims to support the growing civil disobedience movement in the country and to abolish the military junta dictatorship.

Funds donated to Civil disobedience movement Directly head to assisting Myanmar’s ground protesters participating in civil disobedience.

Donate to a humanitarian organization that provides assistance in Myanmar

There are many international humanitarian and aid organizations around the world that provide both long-term stability and immediate assistance.

Here are some of the things that have helped the crisis in Myanmar:

The· Japan Disaster Relief Commission In response to a natural disaster, I first started working in Myanmar in 2008. Since then, the organization has partnered with local aid organizations to provide health care, water and sanitation services, career training, and support for community development projects.

Doctors Without Borders, France’s international non-governmental health care organization operates in conflict zones and provides life-saving health care to people in need. The group was running projects throughout Myanmar before the coup and pandemic. Specifically, it targets people in hard-to-reach communities and those affected by inter-ethnic evacuation and violence.

Save the Children Direct targeted assistance to children living in difficult situations around the world. The organization was already involved in Myanmar before 2021, but became a candid voice for the violence and anxiety that caused the deaths of more than 40 children since the coup.

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Three relatives mourn the corpse of Saw Lwin Moe, who died on March 29 during a protest during a security force crackdown on a military coup during a funeral in Yangon on March 30, 2021. Pay tribute with your finger. Photo by STR / AFP via Getty Images

Please contact the person in charge

The US government is already Imposed some sanctions In response to a military coup, activists in Myanmar are calling for further action from the international community.

Social justice group like Tomorrow’s chin leader And Rohingya International Campaign We have a lot Letter campaign Organized through the Action Network, it sends letters to Senators or representatives asking for assistance in supporting the fight for democracy in Myanmar, whether co-sponsored or not. legislation Or Imposing more sanctions.

Some nonprofits Donate..

Supporting local journalism

Myanmar Now Is an independent news agency in the country, constantly reporting on violence from the scene. Direct reporting of the outlets helped to accurately convey the reality of the coup.

Myanmar Now is seeking donations to fund journalists’ salaries and to support independent reporting of outlets.

Educate yourself and others on social media

If you don’t have the money to raise donations, being active on social media is one way to raise awareness of Myanmar’s coup and violence.Instagram page like @chinyouthtalk And @standnow Run a social media awareness campaign and collect donations on the page.

Myanmar justice Brings together various Myanmar groups, accepts donations, and has easy access to the Facebook group, which provides medical and legal services to people in the field.

On Twitter @ cvdom2021 Every day, we provide important updates on national violence and death.

Be creative!

Burmese people and supporters of the democratic movement have found a variety of unique ways to show their support to those fighting the cause on earth.

San Wai Oo, senior director of engineering for the Bay Area, who grew up in Myanmar, told insiders: Promised to donate half of his salary Inspired by the generosity of the people on earth who continue to donate to the movement, despite being very few, to the cause of Myanmar.

“I see street vendors giving away free food to protesters and people participating in the civil disobedience movement. I know their hardships, poverty, and donations,” Wu said. It was. “And I think,’Oh, my goodness, why do I hesitate to do it?'”

College students Sell ​​her handwritten poems and donate proceeds To the committee representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw.Another young artist Donate 100% of revenue About selling her paintings and 3D prints to people on the ground in Myanmar.

And the young entrepreneur promised to offer a free one-year website hosting service to those who could show a $ 100 donation to a committee representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw.

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