$ 500 Pre-School Care Voucher for Elementary School Students in New South Wales

Australian parents and primary caregivers using pre-school care (BASC) services in New South Wales (NSW) will be able to: Use a $ 500 voucher It covers the gap fee.

Prime Minister Dominique Perottet said BASC services are very important as families return to work and students return to school.

“We know that this pandemic is very difficult for parents and we have a good balance between homeschooling and work. We want to do whatever we can to improve our daily juggling.” He says. I told reporters on Monday. “This $ 500 voucher will put downward pressure on households. [and] The important thing is to help moms and dads balance work and family life. “

New South Wales Minister of Education Saramitchell said both parents and BASC service providers will benefit from the $ 155 million ($ 108 million) program.

All families with elementary school children are eligible to receive one voucher per child and each child is provided with approximately 60 sessions of free BASC.

“It’s really important to make pre- and post-school care more affordable for families,” Mitchell said. “I know I’m welcomed by many parents working throughout New South Wales.”

The voucher program is provided through the service NSW and follows the same procedure as the Dine & Discover voucher. Eligible parents can receive the voucher via the Service NSW app and scan the QR code or use it using the voucher code.

Service providers will be able to register and redeem vouchers from February 7th, and parents will be able to receive vouchers from February 28th.

The Voucher Program is the latest new semester initiative aimed at helping families prepare for lessons, including distributing over 12 million rapid antigen tests during the first four weeks of school.

Catholic schools reopened on Tuesday, and public school students returned to class on Monday.

It also happens after the state government announces a $ 1 billion ($ 702 million) support package for companies that have been hit hard by the outbreak of Omicron.

“This targeted package supports companies that have experienced cash flow issues and the economic impact of the occurrence of Omicron,” Perottett said. Said.. “Throughout this pandemic, we have the back side of our business.”

Rebecca Chu


Rebecca Zhu is an Australian reporter based in Sydney. She focuses on Australia’s economy, property and education. Contact her at [email protected]