50th anniversary of Japan-China relations


Associated Press

Japanese leader’s visit to China in 1972 was a diplomatic gamble

The Japanese leader, who normalized relations with China 50 years ago, feared for his life when he flew to Beijing for important negotiations at the height of the Cold War, says his daughter, a former Japanese the Minister of Foreign Affairs said. Kakuei Tanaka’s mission to normalize relations with China, just two months after taking office, has been a big gamble, his daughter Makiko Tanaka said in a historic communiqué Tanaka signed with her counterpart on Thursday. said in an interview with AP ahead of the 50th anniversary of Zhou Enlai. Before leaving the country, the then prime minister told her daughter that she would resign if her mission failed, according to Makiko Tanaka, who held senior positions such as foreign minister from 1993 until 2012.