533 million Facebook users’ personal information has been completely leaked



according to Business Insider Quote from security researcher Alon Gal According to the discovery, the personal information of 533 million Facebook users around the world has been completely leaked, including phone numbers, birth dates, emails, locations, and other information. Among them, 32 million are US users, 11 million are UK users, and 6 million. Indian users.

Gal stated that he discovered in JanuaryeventAt the time, the hacker was still selling the database through Telegram, but the relevant information can be browsed at will today. He continued that Facebook should have fixed the vulnerabilities related to information leakage in August 2019, and the hackers had obtained information at that time or earlier. If the user’s main information, such as phone calls and emails, are recently updated or newly added users, it should not be included, but some information such as birthday dates cannot be changed, which leaves a potential risk.

Facebook declined to respond to the incident. Gal added that this social platform has nothing to do with the data that has been leaked, and can only notify affected users and ensure that related vulnerabilities are not used again. As a user, you have to pay attention to unfamiliar phone calls and emails.

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