“60 Minutes” Releases Creepy “Havana Syndrome” Audio After the White House Incident

New audio Posted by “60 Minutes” on Sunday The noise is “Havana SyndromeSounds like people who claim to have experienced a mysterious condition.

Those who are suffering say that it started after hearing this sound.

However, “60 Minutes” said that listening to audio recorded by an unnamed ex-employee would not cause problems related to the syndrome, as the sound is a “by-product” and not the cause.

Speaker Alert: It is recommended to turn down the volume before playing this.

Most of the incidents related to this situation occurred abroad, but the CBS News program reported several incidents around Washington, DC, including on the White House grounds.

“It was like this sharp sensation on the side of my head, I remember it was on the right side of my head, and I was dizzy,” said Vice President Mike’s hometown security at the time. Olivia Troipence, Security and Anti-Terrorism Advisor, I said “60 minutes”.

She said she felt it three times in 2019 on the stairs of the Eisenhower Executive Building, which is part of the White House campus, and on a nearby ellipse.

“I was unstable, I was nauseated, I was a little confused, and I remember thinking. I need to find my position again and stabilize myself. There is, “she said.

Hundreds of U.S. officials say they are suffering from a variety of unexplained problems, such as headaches and nausea after hearing anomalous sounds.

Last year’s CIA said In most cases it didn’t look like it was caused by foreign powerBut the investigation continues.

So far, no definitive explanation has been given, but the theory includes weapons that use energy, such as microwaves.Others Guess by psychological originMore commonly includes mass psychogenic illnesses known as “mass hysteria”.

The Trump administration Handled the condition skepticallyPresident Joe Biden last year Ensuring care and compensation To the victim.

Read the complete “60 Minutes” report here.

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