6000 cars blocked at Vasylivka checkpoint

Katerina TishchenkoSaturday, October 8, 2022 21:27

About 6,000 vehicles are waiting at a checkpoint in the city of Vasilivka in Zaporizhia Oblast to leave for Ukrainian-held territory. People say he spends more than 10 days in the car.

sauce: Ivan Fedorov, Mayor of Melitopol on air in a joint 24/7 national news program

Quote: “As of this morning, there were 6000 cars in Vasilivka (it is the only city that connects the temporarily occupied territory with the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. [of Zaporizhzhia Oblast – ed.]).

The Russians are kidding our people because they let about 100 cars through the final checkpoint this morning.People were crying with joy that soon they could be in Zaporizhia [city]but in the so-called “plates” they look back on them and say that Saturday and Sunday are holidays, and they continue to curse our people.

detail: Fedorov added that people have been living in cars for more than 10 days and cannot go to Zaporizhia.

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