67-year-old Al Roker bravely confronts the rushing waves for the forecast of hurricane “Aida” and tells suspicious people “screw you”


NBC weatherman Al Roker scared viewers when he delivered the forecast for Hurricane Ida, struck by the looming stormy waves on Sunday morning.

67-year-old Today’s co-host, struggling to rise in the storm of Lake Pontchartrain, appeared in the Meet the Press segment when hurricanes were already boasting maximum sustained winds of 150 mph. Category 4 storm.

“Al Roker, get out of that dangerous weather,” said anchor Chuck Todd after the forecast was issued.

Roker clips Had surgery After being diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer last year, a Twitter user commented on his age and safety to get rid of his prostate and was infected with the virus all morning.

Monster Hurricane IDA has revamped the Louisiana embankment system to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the Katrina Typhoon.

Predictive veterans responded to concerns by posting on Twitter, ensuring that he and his crew were safe.

“For everyone who was worried about me with #lakepontchartrain covering #Ida a) I volunteered to do this. It’s part of the job. B) My crew and I were safe I think I’m too old [sic] Do this and keep going, “he said in a tweet.

In a live follow-up to MSNBC from downtown New Orleans, Roker said he and hiss because “the water came up so fast that I was trapped there.” The crew explained how to clear Lake Pontchartrain.

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Roker also sent a new message to those who said they were too old to report during the hurricane.

“Screw you in. Are you okay? And try to keep up,” he said. Loacker then said, “I drop them like a bag of soil.”

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Original location: 67-year-old Al Roker bravely confronts the rushing wave for hurricane Ida’s forecast and tells suspicious people “screw you”