7.5 A man convicted of glorious terrorist acts imprisoned for five years

A Scottish man convicted under terrorism law was imprisoned on Thursday for seven and a half years.

Sam Imley, a 24-year-old man from Glenrothes in Fife, has also been registered for sex offender registration for 10 years.

He was subject to terrorist notice for 15 years and was given a serious security order for five years from the day he was released.

Imley was found guilty on October 27 in eight of the nine indictments he faced, two of which were related to terrorism.

He posted on social media on Telegram and Facebook, killing 51 mass murderers at two mosques in New Zealand in 2019, Brenton Tarant, and Andersbray, who killed 69 in Utoya, Norway in 2011. I praised the act of terrorism by Biku.

He also had a major substitution by the talent and a copy of the manifesto by Brevik. This is a “potentially useful” “record of information” for those preparing for terrorist acts.

Imley was also convicted of possessing extreme pornography, including obscene images of children and images containing human corpses. Arson; Drunk driving.

However, he was acquitted under the terrorist law of attacking his hometown of Fife Islamic Center and posting a statement on Telegram suggesting that he would drive in a petrol can.

Imley’s representative Jim Keegan QC, after posting a message, filmed his client setting fire at the doorway of an abandoned lodge on July 4, 2019, pretending to be a mosque. Said posted.

He also placed a tombstone in Markinch’s graveyard and made a video of the fire on the same day.

His mother, Joyce Imley, submitted evidence in court, saying, “Mom, I did something really stupid. I pretended to light the mosque.”

Imley was arrested after a Metropolitan Police officer in London said he intends to burn the Fife Islamic Center after warning the Scottish police.

Police found weapons such as knives, hammers, nunchakus, axes, and rifle scopes in his house.

During the trial, a jury heard that in his bedroom, a laptop and a phone were found in a folder named “Photos of a Dead Girl” with images of sexual activity with a severed female.

He also had a picture of Adolf Hitler addressing a Nuremberg rally as his screensaver, “N ***** Killer” as his password, and a swastika decorating his bedroom wardrobe.

In a statement to police the day after Imley was arrested, his mother described him as “a lonely person who rarely leaves the room.”

“He has no friends, no visitors to the house, no girlfriend I know,” the statement said.

Keegan told the court that his client began off the rails at the age of 14 after he was attacked in the park and found it difficult to attend school.

The court heard that Imley drank vodka, was absent from class, and eventually became a recluse.

Sir Malholland, who ruled Imley in the Glasgow High Court on Thursday, said he was “spreading hatred” and used his time in prison to “remove hatred from your heart.”

“Your actions were sneaky. You can’t understand or self-aware the hatred you’re trying to spread,” Malholland said.

“As you roam every city, town, or village, you’ll quickly find a monument to the people of this country who have given their lives in support of the freedom you enjoy.”

The judge said the actions of mass slaughterers such as Brevik and Tarant were “abused” and added that “you should spend your time in prison looking back on your actions and removing your hatred from the bottom of your heart.”

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