77 prisoners vaccinated with “6 times the recommended amount” of COVID-19 vaccine in Iowa

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Dozens of prisoners in Iowa State Prison were given much more than the recommended dose of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. Paolo Rodeball / Getty Images

Iowa’s largest security prison officials administered 77 prisoners with the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, which was several times more potent than recommended. The Des Moines Register reported..

The incident on Tuesday occurred at Fort Madison’s Iowa State Prison.

According to doctors, a prisoner’s mother told the register that her son received “six times the recommended dose.”

“Affected prisoners have been notified and closely monitored by medical staff. At this time, the only side effects that prisoners experience are generally related to the Pfizer vaccine,” said the Iowa Correctional Bureau. Spokesman told the paper.

It is not clear how the incident happened. The two vaccinated nurses took leave until the investigation was conducted.

The Pfizer vaccine is in a vial containing 6 doses. This is a fact that used to lead to mistakes.In Australia, two residents of nursing homes Given 4 times Recommended amount.And in Germany, eight nursing home staff each Received 5 times Some recommended doses to report flu-like symptoms.

A similar incident occurred in Israel.

“In these cases, the practitioner has forgotten to make the dilution and is injecting the vaccine concentrate as is,” said Amiram Ariel, head of the Israeli Immunology Society. Told Australian broadcaster ABC..

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