8.2 Alaska Magnitude Earthquake Endangers British Columbia Coastal Residents


Kitamart Village, British Columbia — A major earthquake off the coast of Alaska on Wednesday night issued a tsunami warning, monitored throughout the Pacific Ocean, and uneasy time for residents of the lowlands along the northwest coast of British Columbia. Spent.

According to the United States Geological Survey, a magnitude 8.2 earthquake struck the Alaska Peninsula, about 800 km southwest of Anchorage, at about 9:15 pm Pacific time.

According to the geological survey website, the magnitudes are 6.1 and 5.9, and an aftershock occurred within 30 minutes.

Emergency Management BC did not issue a tsunami warning, but Ellisros, who represents riding the Skeena River in British Columbia, lives in Kitamart Village on the north coast of British Columbia, and residents are ordered to rise. Say it.

He says everyone moved to a bench above the village for hours until it was a community emergency plan regardless of state recommendations and the emergency management BC confirmed that no harmful waves would occur. ..

Although there are no immediate reports of damage in Alaska or British Columbia, Canadian Natural Resources seismologist John Cassidy said in a social media post that the quake was recorded on Vancouver Island.

The geological survey website reported that people living far from Washington and Oregon also felt ground movement.